The Benefits of Dog Boarding in Chiang Mai

The Benefits of Dog Boarding in Chiang Mai

Whether you’re traveling to Chiang Mai with your dog or simply want to spend some time with them while you’re away, you can find an excellent dog boarding facility in the city.

The kennels are clean, bright, and air-conditioned, with different sizes of cages to suit your pet’s needs. They also offer pet food and treats.


Dogs are an important part of our lives and when we leave them, it is crucial to ensure they get the best care possible. Pet boarding in Chiang Mai is an excellent option for many people.

Rather than using a cage or kennel, many owners choose to board their dogs in an air-conditioned room at our facility where they will be looked after in a familiar environment. This makes it easier for dogs to adjust and reduces stress.

One of the most common questions asked by new pet owners moving to Thailand is how to transport their pets from home to the country. Whether you’re bringing your dog with you on the same flight or sending them as cargo, the process can be complex.

To avoid unnecessary hassles, it’s a good idea to take your pet to the vet before arriving in the country. This way you can be sure they are vaccinated and in good health before your trip.


Exercise is a vital component of a dog's wellbeing. It improves their mood and helps them get to sleep at night, which can be a challenge for some dogs when they're crated indoors all day.

Some boarding facilities provide a comprehensive exercise regimen that incorporates everything from yoga to a high-tech treadmill. The best boarding facilities will even customize the workout for each individual dog.

Aside from the exercise their eyesight was attracted to, some boarding facilities will even offer a complimentary dog massage or a full-body sand bath. This is a small price to pay for the feeling of relief your dog will experience after a long day.

While the most important part of pet care is providing your pooches with food and water, exercise has to be considered as well. The best boarding facilities will provide the right amount of exercise to keep your dog healthy and happy during its stay. The best boarding facilities will also offer tips and tricks to help you make your dog's boarding experience a success.


When it comes to dog boarding in Chiang Mai, the lion's share of attention goes to providing dogs with the best possible care and exercise. We do this by hiring highly skilled pet sitters with millions of nightly stays in their credit history.

Our kennelless accommodation provides a home away from home for your pet and we're happy to help with any special needs they may have such as medication. On request, we'll even arrange a private air-conditioned room for your dog.

We can't tell you how much fun we have spending time with our doggie friends and we are confident they will love their stay in our care. In fact, we've had a few guests that have been so impressed with their experience that they've decided to return to our care on future trips to Thailand! For the best pet boarding experience in Chiang Mai, book with us today. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the level of attention and care that we put into every pet stay!


Dogs need interaction with people, other dogs, new places, and smells. This helps them become well-rounded citizens and improves their quality of life.

When a dog is socialized, they develop better behaviors and a stronger connection with their humans. In addition, they sleep better and have more energy.

Oftentimes, dogs that are socialized are easier to travel with because they have confidence and can enjoy the experience of going to new places and experiences. They can go potty in strange locations without worrying and can sleep well when on the road.

Volunteers who are willing to take a week or more of their time can help at the Elephant Nature Park Dog Sanctuary. The shelter is located in the beautiful rolling hills just North of Chiang Mai and is dedicated to providing a dignified life for the dogs of Thailand.

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