The 4 Best Innovative Uses for Abandoned Gravel Pits

Your road is the gateway to your home. It silently endures the weight of your vehicle. It also endures the hot summer sun and the harsh winter. But over time, even the strongest roads can show signs of damage. This means you need to consider driveway resurfacing in Kelowna.

In this blog, let us look at some tell-tale signs that your road needs work.

1) Cracks and crevices 

Small cracks are a common occurrence. However, they become large or spread like spiderwebs over time. This can indicate a red flag. These cracks can also allow water to go in. This can cause further damage and potentially impact the stability of your foundation.

2) Crumbling edges 

Is your once-crisp driveway edge starting to crumble and break away? This indicates deterioration of the base material. It can also lead to potholes and uneven surfaces.

3) Potholes and depressions 

They are a nuisance. This is because they can damage your car. They can also be a safety hazard. These occur when water collects in cracks and expands. This causes the surface to break apart.

4) Drainage issues 

Puddles forming after rain are a sign of poor drainage. Standing water can weaken the driveway material. This can accelerate its deterioration.

5) Uneven surfaces 

Is your once-smooth driveway bumpy or uneven? This can be caused by the settling of the subbase or tree root growth. This can make driving uncomfortable.

6) Faded or discoloured surface

A faded driveway might not seem like a major concern. However, it can be a sign of aging asphalt. It can also indicate a deteriorating sealant on concrete. If left unaddressed, it can lead to further cracking and damage.

5) The age factor

Every road material has a lifespan. If your road is approaching or exceeding its expected life, it might be time for Driveway Resurfacing in Kelowna BC .

Don't Ignore!

Not considering these warnings can lead to more expensive repairs. Early intervention with driveway resurfacing can save you money. It can also help you prevent further damage to your property.

What to Do Next

If you notice these signs, you need to call a professional in driveway resurfacing Kelowna. They can check the damage and recommend the best solution.

Resurfacing vs. Replacement

In some cases, patching specific cracks or minor repairs might be enough. But for widespread damage, resurfacing is the best option. Experts remove the top layer of your existing driveway. After this, they replace it with a new material.

To sign off

These were some of the signs your road needs resurfacing. Cracks and crumbling edges are the first signs of damage. They can later turn into potholes. This can be a safety hazard. It can also cause drainage issues. You can hire an expert in driveway resurfacing in Kelowna. They can guide you through this process.

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