Structure and properties of compression fittings

Screwing is not just screwing! This statement applies to every pipe connection that has to meet the highest requirements in terms of function, safety, and low downtimes.Cutting ring fittings are called "Ermeto fittings." The heart of such a screw connection is the precisely manufactured cutting ring, which reliably seals the assembled screw connection. A durable interference fit is created between the tube and the ring, which offers the following advantages:

  • high tightness of the pipe connection

  • no surface corrosion

  • safe, easy assembly

  • Prevention of cold welding in the threa

For cutting ring connections, Compression fittings suppliers usually recommend seamless, comparatively thick-walled tubes that reliably withstand the assembly pressure when the cutting ring is set. If thin-walled pipes are used for technical reasons or because of the costs, suitable reinforcement sleeves are recommended.

Structure and properties of compression fittings

Structure and properties of compression fittings

Compression fittings include the body, a double-cone compression ring, and a threaded nut. In contrast to the cutting ring screw connection, the clamping ring does not cut into the pipe but clamps itself on it. The compression fitting creates a metal-tight connection between the pipe or hose and the fitting while withstanding significantly lower pressures than a cutting ring fitting.

Advantages of compression fittings:

  • Neither special machines nor a soldering flame are required for assembly. An open-ring spanner or a pipe wrench will suffice.

  • Available in various materials such as Teflon (PTFE), aluminium, brass, plastic (PA and PVDF), or stainless steel.

  • Excellent for repair work and modernization in heating installation, rainwater use, or solar technology.

  • Matching support sleeves are available for use on semi-hard and soft tubes.

Large-diameter steel pipes play an important role in oil and gas transportation operations. It has been used a lot for long distance pipeline projects, as it can carry more liquid and a large flow rate. Especially in recent years, the use of large diameter steel pipes is increasing. Stainless steel tube fittings suppliers deal with various types of industrial products.

Tips before purchasing large diameter seamless pipe:

  1. There should be no line in the tube body.

Large-diameter seamless pipes are created in a specific process. The raw materials should be hard and round bars. Next, the billet is heated at a very high temperature, but care must be taken because if the temperature rises to the melting point, the billet may melt. After heating, the rod is stretched and pulled until it becomes a hollow tube.

Structure and properties of compression fittings

  1. Roundness should be noted

The next thing is to standardize the shape of the seamless tube. It isn't easy to get a perfectly round-shaped welded tube. Carbon Steel ERW Pipe is the continuous extrusion of alloys, meaning you will only get the necessary circular cross-section when used in any pipe construction or installation process.

  1. Large welded pipes bear more pressure than large welded pipes

You may find it quite expensive, but trust us with our examination; this is more reliable even under pressure. Empty tubes always support their weight, but when the tube is filled with material or under load, it supports the weight too. Seamless tubes do not have a seam. Thus, there is no chance of tube failure. For Ferrule Fittings, you can also contact stainless steel pipe fittings suppliers.

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