Strategies For Treatment Are Different for Every Oral Problem

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For straighter teeth and a more attractive smile, Invisalign offers one of the most covert, cozy, and efficient orthodontic treatment options. While Invisalign's visual advantages are some of the most notable, there are several other ways this procedure can enhance oral health.

TMJ in Woodland Hills condition issues can be immediately treated by changing a person's jaw alignment and movement through corrective therapy. That said, there are situations where a different strategy is required, such as orthodontic therapy to enable greater oral function.

Overcrowding or misplaced teeth can make the gums around them inflamed and red. The capacity of Invisalign to realign the teeth can aid in the gums maintaining a tighter fit around the teeth, providing stronger protection against the onset of periodontal (gum) disease and other issues.

When your joints are out of alignment, TMJ disorder issues arise, making it challenging and uncomfortable to move your jaw. There are several issues that might result in continuous difficulty with an uneven bite, thus there is no single cause for this. One of them is that having uneven teeth might compel someone to use an uncomfortable bite, which puts a lot of strain on their joints and muscles. In a circumstance like this, orthodontic treatment can significantly improve their alignment.

Another possible health benefit of Invisalign in Woodland Hills is that it makes it simpler to perform daily oral hygiene regimens. Ineffective brushing and flossing due to orthodontic issues might result in gum disease and tooth decay. Untreated gum disease poses significant threats to one's oral and overall health. Patients who have their teeth properly aligned can execute their oral hygiene routines more precisely and thoroughly.

The specialists can examine the potential impact that your teeth's spacing may have on how you apply and release bite pressure as part of your TMJ treatment. For patients who do have concerns with malocclusion that interfere with their dental function, orthodontic therapy is indicated to assist modify these movements for the better. If appropriate, we can also prescribe various treatments, such the use of mouth splint therapy, to favorably adjust the position of your jaw to alleviate stress.

Additionally, crowding, and other difficulties with alignment might result in teeth wearing down more quickly. Invisalign® can also help many patients speak and chew more clearly. In addition to the various ways Invisalign® can enhance aesthetics and assist you in getting a gorgeous new smile, all these possible health advantages are available to you!

There are various treatment options available if you wish to correct your teeth's uneven spacing but are put off by how metal braces look on your teeth. We can change the alignment of your smile in a discreet manner with cosmetic orthodontics and Invisalign transparent aligners, giving you greater comfort with your appearance as you undergo corrective work.

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