Step-by-Step Tutorials for Putting On a Braided Lace Front Wig

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31 August 2023

There's no question that braided wigs have changed the way people wear their hair. They make it easy to show off braids without spending hours in the beauty chair. Even though there are many styles, like Goddess Box Braids and Knotless Braid Wig, wig fans often ask, How do I put on a braided wig correctly? The simplest answer is to choose the comfortable wig and follow the tutorials.

Express Wig Braids has a large selection of high-quality and easy-to-wear Braided Lace Front Wigs, 360 Lace Braided Wigs, and even ready-to-ship Braided Wigs. This guide will show you how to put on your wig like a pro, whether you buy it from our Braided Wigs Wholesale collection or are looking for exclusive Braided Wigs For Black Women.

 Step-by-Step Tutorials for Putting On a Braided Lace Front Wig

Tutorial 1: Preparing Your Natural Hair

Before putting on any Braided Wigs, you should ensure your natural hair is ready for the best fit. This is especially important if you want to wear braided lace front wigs or braided lace 360 wigs. First, wash your hair and put conditioner in it.

Once your hair is clean and dry, braid it into cornrows so that they lay flat against your scalp and follow the shape of your head. This will give your wig a nice, smooth, flat place to sit. If you aren't good at cornrows, you can also wear a fake cap to keep your natural hair flat and out of the way if you don't know how to do cornrows.

This step is very important, especially for Braided Wigs For Black Women, to ensure the hair looks real and flows together.

Tutorial 2: Prepping the Wig

Once your real hair is ready, the next step is to get your braided wig ready. If you bought Ready To Ship Braided Wigs, they are usually ready to wear as soon as you open the box. But checking the wig for any loose hair or other problems is a good idea. Some people like to wash their wigs before they wear them for the first time.

If you want to do this, follow the guidelines on the package. After you wash or check the wig, put it on a wig stand and fix the straps to fit your head well. Make sure you pay attention to the lace front and make sure it matches your skin tone. Put a bit of makeup on the lace for a more natural look.

 Step-by-Step Tutorials for Putting On a Braided Lace Front Wig

Tutorial 3: Fitting the Wig

Getting the Braided Lace Front Wigs to fit right can be hard, but you'll figure it out if you're patient. Align the wig carefully with your real hairline and ensure the lace front sits flat on your head. Please put it in place with wig clips. If you have a 360 Lace Braided Wig, ensure the lace goes around your head. This will make it look more realistic. Once the wig is in place, cut off any lace that sticks out past your head. Some people use wig glue to keep their wigs in place, but this is unnecessary.


Braided wigs are a wonderful and easy way to change your look. There are a lot of different kinds, like HD Full Lace Braided Wigs or 360 Lace Braided Wigs, but they are easy to put on and take care of. These lessons aim to make wearing Braided Wigs For Black Women as easy as possible, no matter if you've worn wigs before or not.

Express Wig Braids' Ready To Ship Braided Wigs make it easier to change your look immediately. Pick your style, do these steps, and step out confidently!

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