Some Basics On Hair Care: Essential Tips To Help You Get Better Hair

Some Basics On Hair Care: Essential Tips To Help You Get Better Hair

This article is dedicated to understanding some of the key aspects of hair care. We are going to see how you can achieve healthy hair and follow and good hair care routine. These are basic things to take into account and must be integrated into your everyday hair care regime. 

Some Basics On Hair Care: Essential Tips To Help You Get Better Hair

Using Conditioners, the right way:

Conditioners are immensely helpful in making your hair smooth and manageable and to some extent, even prevent hair fall, loss and damage. It can even protect your hair from environmental damage and heating effects (natural or cosmetic). However, conditioners must be used and applied carefully. You have to take special care with respect to the application of conditioners. It is important for you to understand that conditioners must be applied only on the tip of the hair and not on the scalp or the root of the hair follicles. After you have applied the conditioners make sure you rinse your hair with water properly.

Minimise the heat treatment on your hair:

That means, you have to limit the use of hair dryer or blow dryer. The hair-dryer are somewhat convenient. It gives you immediate result and even gives your hair some and shape (which is often welcome). Nevertheless, using too much hair dryer or blow dryer and applying the heated air directly on your hair isn’t exactly healthy for the follicles. Make sure that you limit the use of hair dryer and keep it for special occasions only. 

Do not comb your hair when it is wet:

A lot of us have the tendency to combo our hair right after we have showered, particularly when our hair is wet. This is particularly problematic because it creates a host of issues. When the hair is wet the base is weak. When you comb the hair then, it carries the risk of uprooting the hair from the base and this creates a problem. Hence, it is important that you comb the hair only when the hair is dried, especially when its bases have been dried. 

Choose organic products for your hair:

It is not possible to control all the environmental factors that go on to damage your hair or harm your hair. But you can surely control what you put on your hair. When you are choosing a shampoo, make sure that you go for a chemical-free one-that goes with your hair type. Shampoos have lathering agents such as sulphates and parabens, which can harm your skin and can cause irritation. These chemical compounds are also known to have caused hormonal disruptions.

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