SMS Local: best apps to text from a computer:

SMS Local: best apps to text from a computer:
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The Evolution of Text Messaging (First Paragraph with Hyperlink) Text messaging, including its integration with computer texting programs, has come a long way since the early days of SMS (Short Message Service). What started in 1992 as a way for engineers to send short technical messages back and forth has evolved into so much more.

These days, text messaging apps allow us to have full conversations with friends, family members, colleagues and even businesses right from our smartphones. But what if you want to send and receive text messages from your computer? Thankfully, there are some great apps that allow you to do just that. In this article, we will discuss some of the top texting apps to use on your desktop or laptop, including best apps to text from computer.

Why Text from a Computer?

For many people, texting directly from a smartphone keyboard is second nature. Touchscreen keypads and autocorrect have made mobile texting fast and easy. However, there are times when texting from a computer is preferable:

  • More comfortable to type - For longer conversations, using texting apps for computer with a full desktop keyboard can be less fatiguing than texting on a small smartphone screen. The larger keys and ergonomic design make extended typing sessions easier on your hands.
  • Multi-tasking - Texting on a computer allows you to seamlessly switch between text conversations and other tasks. You can text while also working on documents, browsing the web, or managing email.
  • Larger screen - With a computer monitor you don’t have to strain to read tiny text bubbles. The larger screen makes text conversations easier on the eyes.
  • Sync across devices - Many texting apps sync conversations across mobile and desktop. You can start texting on your phone then pick up where you left off on your computer.
  • Texting without a phone plan - For those without a mobile phone or texting plan, computer texting apps provide an affordable alternative. As long as you have an internet connection, you can send texts for free using apps to text on computer.

The Best Apps for Texting from a Computer

The Best Apps for Texting from a Computer There are a variety of excellent apps available that allow texting from a Mac, Windows PC, Chromebook or Linux computer. Here are some of the top options:


One of the most popular multi-platform texting apps is [texting apps for computer]. Available as a free download for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux, Pushbullet enables you to send and receive texts directly from its desktop and browser apps.

Some key features include:

  • Real time text syncing across devices. Conversations are up-to-date on all linked devices.
  • Ability to send texts from the desktop app, browser extension or by copy/pasting into the Pushbullet dashboard.
  • Support for MMS picture and video messages.
  • Individual and group conversations.
  • Notification mirroring from phone to computer.
  • Universal copy/paste lets you copy text on phone and paste on computer (and vice versa).
  • End-to-end encryption for security.
  • Free for basic usage. Pro version available with more features.

Pushbullet is great for seamless texting across all major platforms. With universal copy/paste it’s simple to share links, addresses and more between devices.


Join by Joao Labs Join by Joao Labs (formerly known as Join Chrome) is another top-rated multi-platform texting app. It enables SMS texting through your browser or desktop app on Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS devices.

Main features include:

  • Send/receive SMS texts from computer.
  • Group MMS messaging.
  • Sync SMS/MMS conversations across mobile and desktop in real time.
  • Custom notifications for new messages.
  • Encrypted link between devices keeps texts private.
  • Support for media attachments like photos.
  • Simultaneously use app on multiple devices.
  • Free version available. Join Pro subscription unlocks more features.

Join's clean UI provides a simple way to text from any desktop or laptop. It conveniently picks up all your existing text message threads from your smartphone and makes them accessible on larger screens.

Pulse SMS For Android users, computer texting programs provides one of the best desktop texting solutions. Pulse SMS syncs texts from an Android device to a Windows, macOS or Linux computer.

Notable features:

  • Real-time SMS/MMS syncing between Android device and computer.
  • Native apps for Windows and macOS. Also accessible through web browser.
  • Customizable notifications for new messages.
  • Ability to send texts via desktop app, browser or through the Pulse dashboard.
  • Group messaging support.
  • Encrypted link between devices.
  • Media attachment support.
  • Themes and dark mode.
  • 30 day free trial. Premium version unlocks more features.

Pulse SMS offers a polished texting experience across mobile and desktop. With broad platform support, excellent syncing and notifications, it's a great option for Android users who text from a computer frequently.

AirDroid With broad platform support across Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Chrome OS, [apps to text on computer] is another very versatile texting app. It allows you to send/receive texts from your computer as well as manage phones remotely.

Key AirDroid features include:

  • Seamless SMS/MMS syncing between smartphone and computer.
  • Web client and desktop apps for texting.
  • Call history and contact syncing across devices.
  • Remote phone management from desktop (apps, media, files, settings etc).
  • Screen mirroring lets you see your phone screen on desktop.
  • File transfers between devices.
  • Notification mirroring.
  • Strong security with end-to-end encryption.

For Android users, AirDroid provides full remote device management in addition to texting functionality. With support across so many platforms, it offers added flexibility.

MightyText MightyText is a popular app for SMS texting from computers and tablets. It works across Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux and the web.

Some standout features include:

  • Real time syncing of SMS/MMS conversations between devices.
  • Native apps for Windows, macOS, Linux and the web.
  • Group messaging support.
  • Media attachment capability.
  • Simultaneous use on multiple computers/tablets.
  • Customizable new message notifications.
  • Tablet optimized UI.
  • 30 day free trial then paid subscription model.

Known for reliability and broad platform/device support, MightyText delivers seamless messaging between mobile and desktop environments. Its UI is polished and intuitive.

Textto Textto offers a straightforward way to send SMS and MMS messages from your computer. It works across Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

Notable features:

  • Real-time SMS/MMS syncing between mobile and desktop.
  • Simple native apps for Windows and macOS.
  • Encrypted link between devices.
  • Receive messages on desktop even if phone is offline.
  • Ability to send messages from desktop app or Textto web dashboard.
  • Group MMS messaging capability.
  • Media attachment support.
  • Basic usage is free. Premium version available.

For fast, hassle-free messaging between platforms, Textto hits the key fundamentals well. With broad device support, it offers a simple way to text from a computer or tablet.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Texting App With a range of excellent texting apps now available, some key factors to consider include:

  • Platform support - Make sure the app works across your desired platforms and operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS etc).
  • Sync reliability - The app should provide close to real-time (if not fully real-time) syncing between mobile and desktop for optimal experience.
  • Security - End-to-end encryption ensures your messages stay private.
  • Price - Some offer free basic features while others require a paid subscription. Figure out whether the free vs paid features match your needs.
  • Ease of use - A simple, intuitive interface makes desktop texting more seamless.
  • Notifications - The ability to customize notifications for new messages is useful.
  • Media support - Apps that support sending/receiving photos, videos and other media attachments provide added convenience.

Prioritize the features most relevant for your usage. This will ensure you choose an app that aligns closely with your desktop texting requirements.

Tips for Smooth Texting Between Computer and Phone Once you’ve chosen a suitable texting app for your computer, these tips will help ensure a seamless experience:

  • Carefully follow the app’s setup instructions to link your phone and enable syncing across devices. Proper setup is crucial.
  • Download the smartphone app on your mobile device if required by the computer texting app.
  • Enable notifications within the app to be alerted of new texts.
  • If conversations aren't syncing correctly, check that your devices are on the same WiFi network or retry the linking process.
  • When replying to group texts, be mindful that some participants may not know you're texting from a computer.
  • Set up shortcuts on your computer for quick access to the texting app.
  • If using the texting app across multiple computers, enable syncing in the app settings so conversations stay up to date.
  • Turn off read receipts if you don’t want recipients to know when you’ve read their messages from your computer.
  • Use universal copy/paste to easily transfer info like addresses between your phone and computer.

Stay Connected from Desktop with Texting Apps The ability to send SMS and MMS messages from your laptop or desktop computer can be extremely convenient. Luckily, a variety of excellent apps enable seamless texting across mobile and desktop devices. Whether you want the large screen keyboard comfort for extended conversations, or the ability to multitask while texting hands-free, these apps have you covered. Consider apps like Pushbullet, Join, Pulse SMS, AirDroid, MightyText or Textto to unlock desktop texting from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. With the right app, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of texting from wherever is most convenient – phone or computer.

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