Robert Kiyosaki Assumes Bitcoin Can Reach $1 Million

Robert Kiyosaki Assumes Bitcoin Can Reach $1 Million

Entrepreneur, investor, and author of the bestselling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, predicted that the price of the first cryptocurrency would rise to $1 million in the event of a global economic collapse.

According to the investor, there are several prerequisites for this:

  • The US national debt is too high
  • The issue of the dollar has also become too high
  • Robert considers gold and silver "God's money", and Bitcoin — "the people's dollar".

Robert Kiyosaki has long been talking about the dangers of the American financial system and calls for keeping money in cryptocurrencies and precious metals instead of banks and stocks. He is also an open Bitcoin maximalist. In February 2023, the entrepreneur predicted Bitcoin to rise to $500,000 by 2025 and called it the best insurance in unstable times.

Kiyosaki's ideas are more radical than those of many investors. In general, moderate investors perceive cryptocurrencies as one of many, but not the dominant asset for investment. But one way or another, they began to talk about the importance of insurance in the form of alternative investments at the beginning of 2023 after the collapse of a number of large banks in the US and Europe.

How to prepare for any scenario

From time immemorial, the key to risk management is diversification!

Different asset classes often respond differently to economic changes. For example, when stocks may fall in price due to a recession, bonds may rise in price or remain stable. The chaos of the banking system undermines trust in deposits, but increases interest in cryptocurrencies. And so on. A diversified portfolio can help smooth out fluctuations and reduce losses.

Even experts cannot say with certainty which asset class will perform best next year. Diversification allows you to earn income even if some of their investments do not perform well.

The most convenient way to distribute investments between different types of assets is on a universal trading platform like FIXONE Meta Trader 5. This platform supports 9 different financial markets: from stocks and cryptocurrencies to energy and precious metals.

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Thus, the investor does not need to move funds between different websites, and can save money on commissions. You can easily and quickly adapt to the conditions of a rapidly changing market.

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