Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

When the seal was opened, a purple cloud of fire swept out and roared. The void was incinerated in an instant, producing a wave of terror and heat, spreading all around. The nearby clouds were evaporated and the air was wheezing. The horrible scene made Lin Xun awe-inspiring. The power of the purple rosy clouds was so terrible that it could burn the river and boil the sea. Until the mouth of the gourd no longer spits out purple rays, Lin Xun's perception power quietly penetrates into it. A drop of blood! Lin Xun's eyes suddenly narrowed, and a drop of blood appeared in the gourd, purple in color, magnificent and beautiful. In a small drop of blood, there was a terrible flash of lightning, which produced a terrible breath of destruction. Hiss ~ Lin Xun gasped, obviously a drop of blood, but seems to gather vast power, giving people indescribable suffocation and oppression, too frightening. Boom! Suddenly, I saw that a drop of purple blood burst into a wisp of arc, like a sharp blade, unexpectedly poured into Lin Xun's perception, rushed to Lin Xun's soul. Lin Xun suddenly stuffy hum, running "star follow" phase, in an instant will be that a hair-like arc wear out. Even so, his soul also throbbed, was shocked,rosmarinic acid supplement, did not hesitate to seal the gourd again! What is this? How can it be sealed in the gourd? Lin Xun eyebrows emerged a touch of surprise, he thought this red fire gourd is a powerful ancient treasure killer, but now it seems that its existence is clearly to seal a drop of purple blood inside! Immediately, Lin Xun realized that a wave of understanding rose in the sea, but it turned out to be the trace left by the arc after it was erased. The most amazing thing is that the trace is an indifferent and cold roar. "No blame, old man, sooner or later, when we get out of trouble,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, we will wash Taiyi Pure Land in blood!" The sound shook the sea, shaking Lin Xun's blood, but it disappeared quickly, otherwise Lin Xun suspected that this sound alone could shatter his soul and erase his body! No blame? Taiyi Pure Land? This strange word makes Lin Xun surprised and suspicious, is that voice the master who took a drop of purple blood? Lin Xun thought for a moment, suddenly gritted his teeth, opened the gourd seal again, and like last time, separated a wisp of perception power and poured into it. Poof ~ Sure enough, that drop of purple blood once again burst out a wisp of silver arc as thin as a cow's hair, and rushed into the power of perception. Lin Xun had been prepared to wear it out with the appearance of'Xingxun '. I hate that we were so devoted to the truth that we were plotted against and suppressed by you and other despicable people. We gouged out three thousand essence and blood in our hearts! Lin Xun frowned, with three thousand blood in his heart? Could it be that a drop of purple blood sealed in the gourd came from here? Next, Lin Xun followed suit, constantly separating ideas and perceiving the gourd. Ridiculously lamentable, in order to fight for the position, turmeric extract powder ,turmeric extract powder, unexpectedly suffered this difficulty, God is really merciless! "Humph!"! Refining Lingcalu? Think that by virtue of this, we can obliterate our will and win the truth of the essence and blood? Wishful thinking! "One day, your Taiyi Pure Land will also be robbed. It will be abandoned by Heaven and will not be tolerated by the Great Way!" …… The voice roared and roared, cold and incomparable, with endless indignation and sadness, and even more with an irrepressible hatred. The content of the speech is also disorganized and without a clue. For a long time, Lin Xuncai calmed down and analyzed that these voices belonged to the ideas left in the drop of purple blood, which obviously came from a great man in ancient times. And the meaning conveyed in that idea is also very simple. The master of this purple blood was plotted against when he was preaching. He was plotted against by a "blameless old man" from Taiyi Pure Land and others, and was eventually suppressed. And the three thousand drops of "blood" in the purple blood master's body were also gouged out! This "painstaking effort" contains the "truth" of the master of purple blood. In order to refine it, the "blameless old man" offered a spirit gourd and sealed it. It turns out that this treasure is a refined calabash, and a drop of purple blood sealed inside it must be a drop of the three thousand refined blood that contains the truth of Tao. Lin Xun soon realized. The truth of the road, this is a legend that contains the magic power of the road inheritance! In this way, the three thousand drops of blood means three thousand kinds of road inheritance, from which we can infer how terrible the purple blood master's cultivation was! I found a treasure! Lin Xun heart fever, this refining spirit gourd is a kind of psychic ancient treasure, not to mention, even a drop of mysterious purple blood sealed inside, are also of immeasurable value! If the lotus butterfly clothes know this, I'm afraid it's impossible to return the refining gourd to yourself so easily, right? Lin Xun took a deep breath and carefully put away the calabash. Now is not the time for him to understand too much. Perhaps he will have the energy and time to understand the mystery hidden in the calabash and a drop of purple blood after he has thoroughly condensed the original spiritual vein in his body. Lin Xun continued on his way. Boom ~ Before long, when passing by a dark barren mountain, in the distant void, there was a roaring sound of fighting like thunder! It was earth-shattering and extremely frightening, and it was obvious that there was a real large-scale battle taking place! Chapter 0450 fierce blade against the sky. Boom! The sound of the fierce battle was like the cry of a God, and the distant void was filled with blazing light, as if there was a galaxy running there, and the scene was appalling. Not good, run away, this blade is too terrible, is not the spirit of the sea can resist! Someone hissed loudly. Over there, the figures of practitioners like the tide scurried around with their heads in their hands. Their faces were frightened and bloodless. Among them, there were many Tianjiao descendants of the ancient clan. They are all on the run, and they are in a constant state of anxiety! "What is that broken blade?"? How can it be so terrible? Kill many heroes and run away! A young man carrying a golden spear roared, his figure was like electricity, crossing the void. It was a peerless figure, from the ancient Taoist Juxing Pavilion, named Ran Yin. Far away, Lin Xun's eyes narrowed, and he saw in the distance of the void, a starry sword, sweeping across the sky, the glow of the sun blazing, as if wrapped in a star in the vertical and horizontal, shining mountains and rivers. Many practitioners scurried and screamed. It was a broken blade, the dark blade body transpiring towering stars, silver if the stars roll back, the momentum is terrible. Lin Xundeng felt a shock in his heart,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, a broken blade, just like a king in heaven and earth, suppressing all the practitioners!.

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