Reborn Ace Owl Wife

An Chenxi woke up in the afternoon. When she opened her eyes, she was dazzled by a touch of sunshine from the window. She reached out to cover the sunshine and moved her hands. She found that her hand was involved in something. Looking down, a needle was stuck in the back of her hand. She was on an intravenous drip. This is.. Slightly sideways, avoiding the strong sunshine, looking around, An Chenxi found herself no longer in the rainforest, but in a room, she was the only one in the room, quiet, can hear the ticking of the instrument, eyes down, her clothes have changed, looking at her clothes, combined with the surrounding environment, she is in the hospital! Who brought her here? Where are they, Elder Martial Brother Jin? By the way, Coriander! An Chenxi carried the magic power for the first time, put his hand to his waist, and touched the storage bag still fixed on his waist. She was relieved, because An Chenxi used the magic power to fix the storage bag close to his body, so even if he changed his clothes, the storage bag was still safe on him. Awful! How long has she been in a coma? Master has only three days to wait for her to take the coriander back! Too late to think, An Chenxi pulled out the needle, lifted the quilt to get out of bed, at this time, one side of the door was pushed open, An Chenxi looked up and saw the people who came in, she was stunned. How could it be him? Megalomaniac! Jiang Lan! What's he doing here? Did he bring her here? He's here. Where are they, Elder Martial Brother Jin? An Chenxi brain flashed through countless questions, looking at Jiang Lan's eyes unpredictable. Jiang Lan pushed the door open and saw that the sleeping man had woken up. At the moment,pumpkin seed extract, he looked like he was going to get out of bed. However, she looked at him in the eyes, confused, puzzled, and a hint of hidden vigilance. Seeing that look, Jiang Lan felt a little astringent in his heart. He didn't understand why the girl was so alert to him. He didn't think he had done anything too much to her. How did you get her rejection? Pressing down the astringency in his heart, Jiang Lan put on what he thought was a gentle smile and walked toward An Chenxi. However, because he had just suffered a blow from his sweetheart, his smile looked a little reluctant, which led him to think that his gentle smile fell into An Chenxi's eyes and became a little ill-intentioned. Looking at his ill-intentioned smile, the alert color in An Chenxi's eyes became heavier. What are you doing here? Why am I here? An Chenxi stole the show. You're hurt again, and if you're not here, why don't you keep feeding mosquitoes in the rainforest? I'm here because I brought you here. Does this explanation make sense? Jiang Lan felt that he should be calm to her, after all, a moment ago, best green coffee bean extract ,ghana seed extract, he was still thinking about how to refresh the good feeling in the girl's eyes, but after touching her alert and cold eyes, all the reason was thrown out of the sky, especially the girl had the nerve to ask why she was here, she was injured, shouldn't she be here! Does she have any sense of self-love! Jiang Lan bit the word "again" very heavily, as if she was injured, so that he was very uncomfortable, an Chenxi looked at his inexplicable mood, some strange, thought, this person is sick again? But An Chenxi wasn't going to haggle with him. What she was concerned about now was why he brought her to the hospital. Where was Brother Jin? Where are they? Where is Elder Martial Brother Jin? Where are they? Thinking of asking, An Chenxi opened his mouth again. Hearing an Chenxi's tone with a bit of worry about Jin Yunxiao, Jiang Lan was even more upset. He traveled a long way and found her seriously injured at the first time. He kept sending her to the hospital. The first thing the girl woke up was to ask her brother what her brother had to do with him. He only cared about her! On second thought, he cared about her, but she did not appreciate it, and her heart was blocked! And her bullshit brother, even she can't protect her. How can he be a brother? Is he listed! Jiang Lan in the heart is very uncomfortable, extremely uncomfortable, this uncomfortable let his mouth corner far-fetched little smile all sank down, he did not want to answer the words of an Chenxi, but if not, this girl is afraid to immediately go to find the answer. No matter how bad Jiang Lan felt at the moment, he kept silent and said to An Chenxi, "Jin Yunxiao is still looking for coriander incense in the rainforest. You are injured. I took you away in advance." Hearing this, An Chenxi frowned. Elder Martial Brother Jin, are they still in the rainforest?! It's also her fault. She fell into a coma after the appearance of the demon elephant. She didn't have time to tell Elder Martial Brother Jin and others that she had found Coriander. Where are we now? An Chenxi originally wanted to ask where they were, worried that Jiang Lan misunderstood the meaning of her question, so he asked such relatively precise words as "where they are located". Understanding what an Chenxi wanted to ask, Jiang Lan replied directly, "Sao Paulo." Sao Paulo? It seems to be far away from the capital of Z country, which makes An Chenxi frown more deeply. How long was I in a coma? An Chenxi asked again. Three or four hours. Three or four hours! That is to say, it has been two days since she left the capital. Master's condition can only last for three days at most. Now there is still one day left, and she must go back immediately! However, in her current situation, she was penniless and did not even have an identity document or passport. When she came, she took Jin Yunxiao's private plane. I don't know what means he used, but she was exempted from many procedures to check her identity. Now she wants to go back. Brother Jin and others are still in the rainforest. There is only one day left. She can't wait for Brother Jin and others to come back. Can only turn to Jiang Lan in front of him. Thinking of Master's situation, An Chenxi could only lower his stature, move his lips, and ask Jiang Lan softly, "Can you do me a favor?" Suddenly saw an Chenxi opening his mouth to ask him for help, Jiang Lan, who was still in self-depression, was stunned for a moment, and then looked at an Chenxi with an incredible face to determine whether she had said this to him or not. After all, in Jiang Lan's impression, even if he had saved her several times, she still had a cold nose and cold eyes for him,lycopene for skin, and even thanked him for being extremely awkward. Unexpectedly, he would ask him for help in a soft voice, so that he would not be surprised.

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