Quickly wear the prayer life raiders

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06 January 2023

Ji Rongyu sneered "Who did you raise" My ruthlessness is the same as yours Until Ji Rongyu disappeared in the line of sight Jiang Si Shao this just mercilessly pressed the lower abdomen put away just now in order not to lose and deliberately straight back Back to his room he lifted his clothes and on the six strong muscles of his lower abdomen there was a purple and almost black round mark which showed the ruthlessness of his upper legs Jiang Si Shao did not tell the Jiang family about this and he himself did not know what he was thinking It is obviously a father and daughter tied by blood but because of the dirty 20 years ago they are like strangers even like enemies He felt that he must be old so he was attacked by a young woman who had just recovered from a long illness He also felt that he was old and now he often recalls the past He took out a photograph from the drawer which was an old yellow color with a beautiful woman with a strong smell of books on it The woman permed her fashionable curly hair at that time holding a book in her arms and seemed to look at the camera with some surprise revealing the breath of two simple words all over her body This is the woman he once liked or loved the daughter of an ordinary working-class family Because of Ji Rongyu's birth mother Ms Fan the woman left his world completely and married someone else After only a few steps Ji Rongyu walked out of the courtyard Behind her were upright soldiers who protected the almost antique national leaders and their important families in the compound with guns loaded with bullets in their arms Is the play good A turn out of the guard's field of vision Ji Rongyu slightly turned looking at the dark corner not far away where stood a man a man who almost merged with the night and the shadow In this world map navigation has become a complete decoration Not to mention the color of the character logo even the character logo is saved So the reason why Ji Rongyu can know is that she now relies most on mental strength to give help However the man had no malice towards her but showed a slight touch of slender and tall figure and then disappeared into the darkness again On the other side of the planet in country Z Jiang Xiaoxiao lived in the presidential suite of the top seven-star hotel playing with several glass jade needles with excellent water head looking at the bustling city night scene outside the landing window and pondering for a long time This trip abroad is a waste of time more than she imagined! After a year of practice she managed to break through to the golden elixir period not long ago and became a monk in the golden elixir period According to the incomplete records of inheritance after the golden elixir period there was finally an elixir fire which was much higher than the quality of earth fire alchemy Although her alchemy rate is fairly good now she does not have a high-quality alchemy furnace and flame Who can imagine the embarrassment that she could not extract the essence of the medicine after several days of natural gas fire at home in order to make alchemy China Chemicals Those elixirs on her body on the one hand are some left over from the space inheritance and on the other hand they are refined by her carrying the hot fire to the underground crater There are not many medicines with good years in space but she can't refine them into elixirs Low-level elixirs need very few medicinal materials now she can not keep up with the hardware if not enough economic foundation it is a lot of waste Just planted down even if there is a time interval of one to five now only a year also can not grow anything If not how could she try her best to improve her cultivation while using her easy-to-grow Lingmi Lingguo to improve her family's physique instead of directly introducing them to the path of cultivating immortals What's more she doesn't have any practice skills in her hands Now that she has Dan Huo she can try to work out the prescription of Xi Sui Dan from the ancient books that have been passed down Now that she has the ability to protect herself it is time to strengthen her family and strengthen her backing The main reason was that she found that there seemed to be no other practitioners in the world and the mixed and scarce Reiki could hardly support the growth of practitioners The main road is lonely she is afraid of losing her very easy to get deep affection! She wants someone to accompany her! Just when she thought she could show her strength news came from the hospital that Ji Rongyu who was in a vegetative state had woken up! This is really bad news Vegetative state wakes up that is indeed a miracle but she herself has added material to Ji Rongyu's medicine even if vegetative state will also unconsciously die completely in sleep Her own inheritance is medicine and after so Organic Chemicals many experiments she has confidence in her own medical skills But why did she wake up Is it because of the help of others or is there something that can't be controlled She managed to find this opportunity to destroy the dog men and women who had killed her in her previous life with the gang organization but the other party seemed to have received some news and shrank up What made her feel most troublesome was that they seemed to have doubts about her identity Although she had arranged for her family for a lifetime and her family for a lifetime she was still afraid that they would suddenly launch an attack which would involve her relatives for a lifetime and her relatives for this lifetime Moreover her rebirth was a secret and she did not intend to tell anyone from the beginning not even her parents who loved her so much If they knew that she was not Jiang Xiaoxiao but Lan Bingyan would they still love her so much If they know that she is not the same'Jiang Xiaoxiao ' she is said to be close to the divine jade needle doctor their love will be so pure So she still doesn't dare Knowing that when Ji Rongyu woke up she had guesses and doubts in her mind According to her character she would send someone to monitor the basis directly back to find out but did not expect that the dog men and women disappeared Very easy to trace the clues she unexpectedly encountered a rare crack in time and space missed a great opportunity Forget it the future is long they can not escape the fire of her revenge! Lying on the bed of KINGSIZE Jiang Xiaoxiao replied to the text message sent by Jiang Haoran and closed his eyes globalchemmall.com

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