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Ye Qingyan was a complete disaster. Although she guessed that her injury was caused by her good sister, she was just an illegitimate daughter. She had no power to fight against her. She was ready to move out of the night house on the principle that she could not afford to hide. However, at this time, she was suddenly summoned by her father. In the study of the night house, the night father looked at the second daughter who came in with a calm face and said in a cold voice, "Do you want to leave the night house?" Ye Qingyan didn't like her father. She would rather be an orphan if she couldn't. Unfortunately, after her mother died, her father, who had been indifferent to her from the beginning, suddenly appeared and took her home. However, over the years, apart from money, he had not given her any affection, and even tried to make her accept that he was just a tool for cooperation. No matter how kind she was, she hated the father so much that when he opened his mouth, she just said without expression, "What's the matter with you?" "Do you know the Mohist who hurt your sister for you?" "Bruise?"? How do I know? Ye Qingyan seemed to have heard a joke, her sister's life and death had nothing to do with her, but then she caught an important message, what is for her, unless she had a car accident. Thinking of this, her eyes suddenly stared, "Do you know I was hurt because of the snow at night?" The night father stared at the second daughter,car radiator cap, as if to see if she was lying. I'm not interested in your injuries, but since the Mohist has made a move, should you make a good expression? Night home has been on the decline, if there is no support of the Mohist, it will soon disappear in B city, originally he wanted to let the night snow and Mohist marriage, but it seems that Mo that one simply does not like her, but this he has never put in the eyes of the illegitimate daughter, but won his favor,die cast light housing, and even for her to teach the night snow. In the eyes of the night father, the daughter is just a tool, even his eldest daughter, as long as it can help the night family, he will not hesitate to send out. Ye Qingyan always knew that her father was cold-blooded, but he didn't think that he was so cold-blooded that he didn't even care about the children born by his wife, who was being married by a matchmaker. He thought that his good sister was different from himself, but he didn't think that she was the same in his eyes. If you want to go, you can go by yourself. I'm not free. It's rare to be tough once, but the night father sneered. If you don't go, you won't get the diploma of B University in your life. Ye Qingyan was so angry that when she almost wanted to slam the door and leave, she heard the cool voice of Ye Fu again, "Don't think you can survive in B city without this door. Without Ye Jia, no enterprise dares to take you." "Do you think there is only B city in such a big Chinese country?"? I don't believe you can cover up the sky with one hand! "You can try." After a confrontation, Ye Qingyan clenched his fist tightly. Night home in B city has a face, and friends with the Mohist family, CNC machining parts ,metal stamping parts, few enterprises dare to offend them, even if there is, she has no diploma and no backstage, indeed in this city simply can not survive. As for other cities, although the hands of the night home can not reach so long, but without a skill, she can no longer do what she likes. Night Qingyan some unwilling, she worked so hard for so long, but because of the night father's words, all will be lost. Night father looked at her coldly, saw her hesitate, suddenly put a little soft voice, "Qingyan, in terms of appearance and status, the whole B city can not compare with the Mohist one, and how people also helped you once." Ye Qingyan lowered her head for a long time. She took a deep breath and compromised: "We can meet, but I can't guarantee anything else." Night father sees her loose mouth, the face is all smiles at once, "this just is right, I arrange you to meet." A few days later, Tang Qing was still in the office, basking in the sun and playing with someone's mobile phone. Suddenly, the door of the office was opened. This sudden scene scared her almost to throw her mobile phone out. Oh, you really have a cat. The bearer is a middle-aged woman about fifty years old, but because of proper maintenance, she looks very young, coupled with the curved eyes of the smile, people feel very gentle. Mo also looked up at each other and frowned slightly. "Why are you here? Aren't you in France?" "How do you speak as a child? I am your mother no matter what I say." Although the words are also said to the ink, but the eyes are tightly staring at Tang Qing, looking at a meow is very uncomfortable. Mo also noticed her stiffness and was about to come forward to rescue her, but his mother took the first step and held her in her arms. Didn't you like small animals before? I heard that you had a cat, but I didn't believe it at first. Mother Mo couldn't put it down and refused to give Tang Qing to her son. Come on, what are you doing here? "Oh, I hear you've taken a fancy to a girl recently, and you've done a lot of things for her." Mo also raised his eyebrows and did not deny that he did take a fancy to a girl and did a lot of things for her, but he was sure that the girl in his mother's mouth was certainly not his sugar. Mother Mo saw that he did not deny it, and immediately became excited. This son had been raised for more than twenty years, and he had never seen a girl who was interested in him. He thought that he had no hope of having grandchildren in his life, and she had begun to force him to marry. Now, he finally had a place. I talked to the girl's father, and since I like her, I'll make an appointment to meet her. 108. No Chapter 108 help, turn into a cat! 14 Mo also did not refuse, but raised his eyebrows and said, "If you want to see her, tell me directly. As for her father.." He looked at the little guy in his mother's arms, his lips slightly hooked, "I've never heard her say that." Mo Mu was slightly stunned, apparently surprised by his words. Without a father, then.. That night. Without waiting for her to finish, Mo also interrupted,Steel investment casting, "I don't know where you got the news, but I have no interest in the two young ladies of the night family. The person I like is surnamed Tang." Although it was a little different from what he knew, Mo Mu immediately beamed when she heard that he still had someone he liked. "It's good to have someone he liked. Where is Miss Tang now? When will we have a meal together?" 。 autoparts-dx.com

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