Purchase Certified Meterbox Lock

Purchase Certified Meterbox Lock
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You can purchase a meter box lock from authorized locksmiths that the meter readers can open. In case it becomes essential to switch off the power, the householder is given a key to allow entry to the meter box.

Installing a certified lock with Meterbox DIY Kit is an easy way to stop home invasions. Since these Meterbox locks are very high quality, limited locks, they are not sold in normal hardware stores and can only be obtained through trained and licensed locksmiths.

Although some contemporary homes lack exterior power switches in the meter box, the majority of them do, and for ease of access, the meter box is typically located close to the front of the house, making it simpler for burglars to locate.

93% of the persons surveyed who were selected at random said they would go to their meter box to investigate the issue. We were concerned about this because if it had been unplugged on purpose, you could be at risk of harm or intrusion. According to reports, thieves frequently aim for an electrical meter box before trying to break into the targeted property in order to interfere with electronic security systems.

A number of homes and businesses feel safer keeping their meter boxes locked. There are several justifications for locking a meter box. Residential clients that want their privacy protected.

A typical lock kit will often come with one key that you can use to open your meter box if necessary. As meter reader personnel have a master key that allows them access to all authorized locks, this does not need to be left outside or stored outdoors.

The issue with locking meter boxes with Meterbox DIY Kit is that the reader will estimate your energy consumption if they can’t get to the meter. Estimates are frequently based on historical consumption patterns and industry norms. So, you can wind yourself paying for more energy than you actually consume.

The primary switch, meter, fuses, and circuit breakers that regulate the flow of energy into your home are all located in your meter box. All meter boxes should be completely secured for safety reasons.

Electricity meters are sealed to prevent any potential manipulations. These do not prevent tampering, but at least you are aware that the seal has been broken and the meter has been eventually modified. Several energy providers will give you a general time of when your meter will be read in order to ensure that the meter box reader has unobstructed access to your meter. Residents can then clear the route to the meter box and take off any locks they may be employing in advance.
The meter installations are routinely inspected by utility field staff. If a broken seal is discovered, the cause will be looked into. The full meter installation is verified with the use of specialized field test equipment.

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