Project Platinum Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Project Platinum Reviews: Does It Really Work?
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New "Robby Blanchard" Platinum Course

The new ClickBank Project Platinum course helps affiliates and sellers make a good living, regardless of experience. Beginning in 2023, the revised course will offer tools and training to help ClickBank affiliates and sellers earn over $250,000 yearly. The revised traffic source training covers how to use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media sites to increase earnings.

The program also offers exclusive insider contracts that might give you an edge in negotiations, commission, revenue, etc.

The course's Project Platinum Software Suite, an AI-controlled technology, automates up to 95% of tasks. You may work less on ClickBank and still make money. The software suite reduces online startup hurdles and lets new users make sales faster.

After learning about the ClickBank Platinum course, let's discuss some of its advantages over starting on your own.

How would the ClickBank Platinum Course help?

As mentioned above, starting on ClickBank puts you ahead of other affiliates and vendors. It guides you through joining ClickBank's elite 1% affiliates and sellers, granting you Platinum advantages. Benefits of joining ClickBank's 1% affiliates and sellers:

Unique networking possibilities: ClickBank Platinum members have a wealth of networking opportunities with top sellers. Platinum members can attend the company's Platinum Conference to meet top partners and industry experts.

Platinum members have a dedicated account manager to advise and strategize. Email communication boosts sales and secures exclusive deals.

Provides priority customer service: Affiliates and merchants receive specialist customer care, quicker sales approval, twice-weekly payments, and ClickBank collaboration options.

Get industry recognition: By joining ClickBank's Platinum membership, affiliates and sellers join the exclusive 1% group and can be honoured at ClickBank's award ceremonies, increasing sales and reach.

Break $250,000 with passive income.

As a vendor or affiliate, ClickBank offers great high-grossing prospects, however making sales may require too much screen time. Robby's passive income tactics aim to speed up entry into the restricted 1% Platinum Club.

After building passive income tactics, you can start earning passively from your work without doing anything. Robby's training uses "active income such with Project Platinum and passive income to create money even while not working at all," according to the website.

Affiliates and sellers can focus on other business prospects while earning on ClickBank year-round. This implies you can make $250,000 on ClickBank while focusing on other income streams.

The ProjectPlatinum course?

Project Platinum students often ask if this is the best approach to start your ClickBank affiliate and seller adventure. Yes. Robby Blanchard's course has over 100 students and $100 million in gross revenue, promising ClickBank Platinum students.

When more people join the Platinum program, sales and affiliate marketing competition is uncertain. Yet, you are not competing directly but rather establishing a market for ClickBank's services, which increases ClickBank users. This means additional offers, target clients, and industry growth.


For the top 1% of ClickBank affiliates and merchants, the Platinum Program includes networking, personal account management, priority customer assistance, and industry recognition.

The new "Robby Blanchard" Platinum Course provides tools and instruction to earn $250,000 a year through ClickBank for anyone who qualifies. The course contains Project Platinum Software Suite and updated traffic source training. Its AI-controlled technology automates 95% of tasks, improving efficiency and sales.

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