Planning a Manali to Leh Ladakh Biking Trip: An Itinerary Guide

Planning a Manali to Leh Ladakh Biking Trip: An Itinerary Guide
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31 January 2023

Route Options 

Manali to Leh bike trip is one of the most popular routes for a road trip in India. With beautiful scenic views and a chance to pass through some of the highest motorable passes in the world, this route has become a favorite amongst travellers.

There are two main options when travelling from Manali to Leh: taking the National Highway 3 or NH 21. Both routes are full of breathtaking views and there are plenty of attractions to see along the way. 

The National Highway 3 takes travellers on a longer but safer route than the NH 21 as it follows through many plains, valleys and towns such as Keylong and Jispa, giving travellers plenty of chances to take in stunning landscapes, while also stopping at different places along the way. This route will generally take 2-3 days to complete, depending on how much sightseeing one wishes to do along the way. 

The NH 21 offers a more adventurous journey for travellers who don’t mind travelling along roads with difficult terrain, sharp bends and altitude sickness being more prevalent here than anywhere else. It offers spectacular mountain scenery including snow capped mountains with rivers gushing below and passes such as Baralacha La at 16000 ft, making it one of the most picturesque trips in India. Although this option can be completed within 1 day if one does not wish to stop for sightseeing along the way. 

Either option offers an incredible experience for travellers, making Manali to Leh an unforgettable road trip that should be done by all adventure seekers at least once!

Preparing for the Trip

Manali to Leh is a popular trekking destination for avid travellers. With the breathtaking views of Himalayas and the serene beauty of snow-capped peaks, Manali to Leh can be an amazing adventure. But it's important to be prepared when embarking on such a journey. 

When preparing for a trip to Manali to Leh, it is essential to make sure you are physically and mentally ready for the trek. The journey requires extensive hiking, so you should start training at least one month prior to your departure date by walking, running or jogging. It's also important to consult your doctor and ensure that you have all necessary vaccinations before heading off on your trip. 

It's important to make sure you are properly outfitted for this trekking experience. Pack all necessary supplies like good quality shoes and socks, proper jackets, warm layers of clothing, waterproof items and even snacks if desired. Additionally, it's best practice to pack some first aid supplies like antiseptics, painkillers and bandages in case of emergencies while on the trek. 

It's always a good idea to research any additional safety measures or guidelines regarding this type of travel as well. As much fun as the adventure may seem, there could be risks associated with mountain passes which may require more careful planning ahead of time. 

Overall, Manali to Leh promises an incredible journey full of natural beauty but it's important to make sure you're adequately prepared for what lies ahead! With these helpful tips in mind and thorough planning before setting out on your trekking journey, you'll surely enjoy every moment of this unforgettable adventure! 

Travel Documents Required 

Manali to Leh is an incredible journey through the beautiful landscape of India. It’s a popular destination for backpackers, adventure seekers and mountain lovers alike. To make sure that your trip goes off without a hitch, it’s important to be aware of the necessary travel documents you will need in order to travel between Manali and Leh. 

The first and most important document you will need is a valid Indian passport or a Voter ID card with your photograph. You will also need proof of your stay in India such as hotel receipts, air tickets, etc., so make sure you have those ready. Other documents required include copies of identification such as PAN Card or driving licence, 2 photographs, photocopies of recent electricity bills and a police clearance certificate (if applicable). 

Once all these documents are sorted out, make sure to carry some cash and keep your credit cards safe during the trip. As you cross from Manali to Leh, it's advisable to take precautions such as not drinking untreated water and always wear protective gear if riding motorbikes. Lastly, if you are carrying any drugs or other items that may require special permission while crossing the border, be sure to get the necessary permits in advance before leaving on your journey.

 Gear Checklist 

Manali to Leh is a popular biking trip in India. It is a thrilling journey of 600 kilometres through beautiful valleys and high altitude passes. This unique experience can be enjoyed by making sure that you are well prepared for the ride. Here is a checklist of all the necessary gear that one should carry for a safe and comfortable Manali to Leh biking trip: 

1. Motorcycle/Bike - 

Make sure that your bike has been thoroughly checked before the ride. Take extra precaution with your tyres as they may be prone to punctures due to the terrain of this region. Carry enough spare parts, lubricants and tools to fix any problems during the ride. 

2. Helmet - 

Get yourself an excellent quality full-face helmet that fits snugly and offers optimum protection for your head. 

3. Riding Apparel - 

Choose clothes and footwear which provide utmost comfort and flexibility while riding the bike. For example, leather jackets, padded pants, protective gloves, sunglasses and gumboots are some good choices of clothing while going on a bike ride to Leh from Manali. 

4. Maps & Navigation Devices - 

Plan your route beforehand by consulting a local guide or carrying road maps and GPS navigation devices along with you on the journey. 

5. Basic Toolkit - 

Ensure that you have all the essential tools like tire pressure gauge, oil filter wrench, air pump etc., required for maintenance of your vehicle in case it develops any issue during the course of travel . 

6. Safety Gears -

 Always wear proper safety gears like back protector, elbow pads, knee pads and neck support etc., so that you can ride without any worry about accidents or injuries caused due to unforeseen circumstances on roads which might not always be smooth for long stretches in remote locations. 

7. Emergency First Aid Kit - 

Prepare an emergency first aid kit with items such as antiseptics cream, bandages, medical tape etc., as you will not find many medical facilities available easily on high altitude passes or mountainous regions covered in snow and ice throughout most parts of your journey from Manali to Leh. 

 8. Essential Documentations – 

Be sure to carry important documents like valid licence copy, motorcycle registration papers, insurance proof etc., handy so that you do not face any unnecessary hassle if stopped by police at checkpoints on the way up there

The Bottom Line

Manali to Leh biking trip route itinerary is an adventurous and memorable journey. The mesmerising scenery, majestic mountains, and peaceful rivers along the way are simply breathtaking. Whether you choose to take the four-day tour or the six-day one, you will experience a unique adventure and be filled with unforgettable memories of the natural beauty that India has to offer.

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