Perspective Golden Pupil (Fat Rabbit)

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03 January 2023

But this time and that time, Zhang Yilong has become a "rich generation". He not only has the ability to collect all kinds of antiques, but also has greatly improved his eyesight. What's more, he has a magical "eye of heaven", perspective, and the discovery of Reiki, which are beyond the imagination of ordinary people. So soon Zhang Yilong called Pockmarked Liu and asked about the situation. Pockmarked Liu asked them to go directly to his home to find him. Xiao Qing, Xiao Bin, let's go. After the phone call, Zhang Yilong greeted Gu Qing, and then a group of people happily walked toward the old house where Pockmarked Liu lived. In less than five minutes, Zhang Yilong took Gu Qing to Pockmarked Liu's house, and then saw Pockmarked Liu. Xiaolong, is this your girlfriend?! Aren't you lucky?! I'm so happy for you that I found such a beautiful girlfriend after a few days'absence. When seeing Zhang Yilong, Pockmarked Liu was attracted by Gu Qing beside Zhang Yilong. Seeing that the other party was so close to him and their relationship was very close, he subconsciously thought that Gu Qing was Zhang's girlfriend. Oh Hearing Pockmarked Liu's sudden pick-up line, Zhang Yilong was caught off guard. The other party also misunderstood the relationship between him and Gu Qing. However, he did not explain. After all, he and Gu Qing also had an ambiguous scene here. They wanted to play the role of lovers to comfort her seriously ill grandfather,rotary vacuum disc filters, for fear of revealing Gu Qing's embarrassment. At the same time, close to Zhang Yilong standing on one side of Gu Qing in addition to the pretty face slightly red, she also did not say a word, in the eyes of outsiders, it is obvious that the acquiescence. But at the moment, Zhang Zhibin and Sanlin, the two outsiders who were watching this scene, looked at each other,Belt Filter Press, showing a face of inexplicable color. What do you mean Zhang Zhibin thought to himself, "isn't Brother Long's girlfriend Luo Yanni?!"! Why is this beautiful girl also his girlfriend?! Is it difficult to.. He eats what's in his mouth, thinks about what's in the bowl, and steps on two boats?! Although the heart is full of doubts, but Zhang Zhibin's biggest reaction is envy, he never thought that Zhang Yilong, who used to be very difficult to find a very ordinary girlfriend, has now found two girlfriends, and they are all beautiful, all the best! This is an incredible thing! People are different when they have money! "Lao Liu, take things out and have a look first." To avoid embarrassment, Zhang Yilong immediately changed the subject. Are you talking about the bronze mirror? Pockmarked Liu asked with a smile. Zhang Yilong nodded and said, "Yes, wall penstocks ,rapid sand filters, if you want an old mirror, you'd better have a beautiful one. The price is not a problem. You can rest assured that you won't suffer losses." The mirror that Gu Qing wants to collect is naturally a little more beautiful, "Oh, that's all right." Pockmarked Liu promised, "You've come just in time. I happen to have some beautiful bronze mirrors here.". Xiaolong, you wait and I'll get it. "Well, go." Zhang Yilong nodded his head, then watched Pockmarked Liu hurriedly turn around and run into an inner room. Not long after, I saw Pockmarked Liu come out with a bag in his hand. The nylon bag was heavy, and there must be a lot of things in it. Then Pockmarked Liu poured out all the things in the bag and put them on the table to show Zhang Yilong for them to choose. The things that Pockmarked Liu poured out were all mirrors. In fact, Zhang Yilong had appreciated them a long time ago. There were indeed fine works in Pockmarked Liu's ancient bronze mirrors, but most of them were made up. Either they were incomplete or the patina was too thick, which almost covered all the key parts of the mirror, or the shape and decoration of the bronze mirrors were very poor. They belonged to the kind of ancient mirrors that were very cheap. When he looked at it again, Zhang Yilong could not help frowning gently at the first glance. He saw that there were a few pieces of ancient bronze mirrors with thief light in them. There was no doubt that they were fakes. He could not help thinking: "This Pockmarked Liu is becoming more and more unkind!"! Also want to play this set, but do not want to deceive my eyes, this little trick I can still see! "Wow, so many ancient mirrors!" Gu Qing said in surprise, "some of the feelings are quite beautiful.". Hello, boss, can I have a look? "Of course you can!" Pockmarked Liu enthusiastically pointed to the pile of bronze mirrors and said, "You can look at them casually." "Thank you." Gu Qing happily picked up one of the ancient bronze mirrors, which had a handle and no obvious patina. It looked very neat and exquisite, and seemed much newer than his mirror. Xiaolong, how about this mirror? Carved. Gu Qing said to Zhang Yilong with a smile. That's a fake. Zhang Yilong leaned over his mouth and explained in a low voice in Gu Qing's ear, "Antiques are not works of art, don't just look at the integrity and delicacy, now the level of craftsmanship is so high, everything can be done very delicately!" This is a fake?! How can you tell?! Tell me quickly. Gu Qing looked at Zhang Yilong curiously and wanted to get the answer from the other side's mouth. Zhang Yilong said: "Some things are not right at a glance.". This thing has no shell, only a thief's light. "Shell?" Gu Qing wondered, "what is the thief light?" Zhang Yilong said patiently: "The shell is the wrapped slurry, which is the trace left by the years on the antique. It is generally difficult to imitate, so it is easy for a discerning person to see.". But the thief light is the new light, and the wrapped slurry is opposite, indicating that things are new imitations, not long ago. You see, this mirror is so new in some places, showing a very unnatural light, it is obviously a new imitation, but the level of technology is still good. Gu Qing doesn't even know this. You can imagine how confused the other party is. He will certainly suffer losses in this line. However, it's normal to put himself in the position of Zhang Yilong and Zhang Zhibin when they just joined the antique shop. Others can easily deceive them and tell them how much "tuition fees" they have paid. So that's it! After listening to Zhang Yilong's explanation, Gu Qing suddenly nodded and smiled, "Well, I know.". Then you can choose some mirrors for me. With that,Dissolved Gas Flotation, she put the ancient bronze mirror, which was suspected to be a fake, back in place and asked Zhang Yilong to pick it out for her.

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