Oxygen Absorbers: A Life Saver for Food Preservation

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It's ironic how oxygen, essential for human survival, becomes the villain in food preservation, promoting the growth of bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms. This leads to spoilage, discoloration, and loss of flavor and nutrients. But fear not, oxygen absorbers are here to save the day! These small packets quietly counter food spoilage and extend the shelf life of your provisions.

Let's delve deeper into how oxygen absorbers work and their benefits:

How do oxygen absorbers work?

Oxygen absorbers are tiny, airtight packets containing iron powder, salt, and other preservation elements. When placed in a storage container or package, the iron reacts with residual oxygen, eliminating it. No oxygen means no food spoilage— it's simple science. However, it's essential to source from trusted and certified manufacturers for optimal performance.

Benefits of using oxygen absorbers:

1. Extended shelf life: By eliminating oxygen, oxygen absorbers prevent food spoilage, keeping your provisions fresh for longer periods.

2. Prevents discoloration: Oxidation is the primary cause of food discoloration, but oxygen absorbers minimize its occurrence.

3. Diverse usage: Oxygen absorbers aren't just for fresh food. They can be used in dried fruits, nuts, bakery items, coffee beans, and even pet food.

Considerations when sourcing oxygen absorbers:

Ensure the package is intact, without tears or leaks, as damaged packets won't be effective. Choose oxygen absorbers for food storage that match the volume of your container or sealed bag, whether for small-scale or large-scale needs.

About Wallaby:

Wallaby is a leading manufacturer and supplier of food-safe preservation and storage products. They offer a wide range of oxygen absorber packets and Mylar bags for various food storage needs. Trust Wallaby for quality products to safeguard your provisions.

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