On her alone was lavished royal love and care.

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06 January 2023

"Not bad!" The heavenly king's voice was clangorous, and his whole body was full of the spirit of a fierce minister, which made me secretly exclaim, "Your Majesty, I really have something important to do. I recently heard that the prince of Denning has come to Shun. I don't know if your Majesty has heard of this." "This," Shaoxuan hesitated for a moment and said doubtfully, ". The prince of Denning? I've never heard of him. What's he doing here? "It is precisely because the purpose is not clear that people are suspicious." The King of Heaven lowered his head and said, somehow, I seemed to see him turn his eyes and stare at me. Denim's son.. It's none of my business. I don't know that kind of person. I'm open-minded. Shaoxuan said, "Well.." Didn't even the second uncle understand the purpose of the other party's visit? The heavenly king bowed his head and said, "I am incompetent." Shaoxuan asked again, "What is the purpose of the Second Uncle's mentioning this to me?" The Heavenly King raised his head and said, "Back to the emperor, the prince of the Kingdom of Danning came to the capital of Shun, but he didn't come to see the emperor. Moreover, my spy had lost the other party several times in three days. It seemed that the other party intended to hide himself, so I suspected.." He hesitated to speak. Shaoxuan was very understanding: "Second uncle, but it doesn't matter." The Heavenly King looked grim and said, "I suspect that this man's purpose is not simple, or.." In the two times of disappearance, the man may have secretly met with some people to discuss some unknown things. This is my guess. My heart moves, what does this mean? Is he hinting that someone in the Shun Dynasty is colluding with Danning? Shaoxuan was also moved: "Oh.." The meaning of the second uncle is. Is this man involved with some people in my imperial city, or is it not good for my Shun Dynasty? The Heavenly King replied in a deep voice,saw palmetto extract, "The emperor has his own discretion." Shaoxuan was silent for a moment. Then he said slowly, "Well." The second uncle's guess is not unreasonable. The Heavenly King's face darkened a little and he said modestly, "I'm just thinking about the safety of Shun." With a smile on his face, Shaoxuan strongly praised him: "Uncle Erhuang has a loyal heart.". The sun can learn, I naturally understand. Second Uncle, you have worked hard and made great achievements. I have some places that I can't see. Second Uncle, you should give me more advice. Heavenly King: "I obey!" Shaoxuan continued, "I will send someone to investigate this matter closely.". If we find out who in the court has something to do with that man, we will do something perverse. I will deal with it severely! Speaking of which. The voice suddenly sank. King of Heaven asks suddenly: "Hum,fenugreek saponins, your Majesty, but should give this matter to superintend a factory to handle?" Shaoxuan raised his eyebrows: "Well.." Yu Gong's means must be very clear to you, the second uncle. It should be safe to leave the matter to him. The heavenly king frowned slightly. But he said, "Since your Majesty thinks so, then … …" I have no objection. Shaoxuan chuckled: "Very good!"! Second uncle, you have a heart. "There is one other thing." "Shaoxuan said gently," Second Uncle, please speak. I'll listen. " The Heavenly King once again said, "In order to strengthen the border defense, I will ask the emperor to send a general to guard the border when I go to court tomorrow." Shaoxuan pondered and said, "What do you mean, Second Uncle?" Do you want me to play? I don't know who is the general in the eyes of the second emperor's uncle? "The most senior person in the court today is the Iron-blooded General, who is the best candidate in my mind." "Well, what the second uncle wants coincides with what I like." Shaoxuan sighed. So the emperor was played by a prospective minister? "Of course, the second uncle is so considerate of the imperial court, how can I refuse such kindness?" Shaoxuan smiled slightly. Thank you, akba boswellic acid ,ghana seed extract, Your Majesty! "Well, Second Uncle, it's getting late. You can go back to the mansion to have a rest for the time being. Tomorrow will be early. The government is important. Second Uncle is the pillar of the country and the cornerstone of Shun. Second Uncle's body is even more important." Shaoxuan said in all earnestness that his concern was overflowing. Heavenly king raised his head, eyes deep, looked at Shaoxuan for a while, Shaoxuan lips gentle smile has never changed, two people look at each other, seems to be thousands of words, and seems to be silent, after a while, the heavenly king took a step back, hand, bow, said in a deep voice: "I thank the emperor, I retire!" The tall and vigorous figure slowly backed out of the Red Dragon Hall. The temperature on Shaoxuan's face also slowly faded. I squinted at him, my heart at sixes and sevens. After following him for so many days, I felt a little uneasy for the first time when I was involved in the internal secrets of the court. But with Shun has a mole, or Xue Xin Xue Nuo to father to go to war again to guard the border this news contrast, I am more concerned about, is actually Shaoxuan look transfer. When he faced the Heavenly King, he smiled so hard that he could melt people. One by one, the second emperor's uncle called her so affectionate, but when the Heavenly King retired, his face was as cold as ice. Prepare tea, "just when my heart deer bump, inexplicable when, on the dragon seat he suddenly voice.". Ying Ying, the maid of honor, came up quietly at her feet and offered a cup of hot tea in an instant. No one has anything to do with it. Stand down. He picked up the tea and said. Yes The eunuchs and palace maids promised, and the figures in front of them stood out in order. I was so happy that I followed them and wanted to fish in troubled waters. Yufengqing, who said to let you go? As soon as he turned his body, the man behind him immediately made a sound. Just in time. I can't even take one more step. I shook my head and sighed. I obey the decree. Turn around, still make low eyebrows pleasing to the eye, wooden move to your Highness, what does it mean, everyone else is off work, only I work overtime, and worse, it seems that there is no overtime pay. Alas, want to cry without tears, the brain emerged rushed to the side of Shaoxuan loudly complaining about pulling his cheeks, so, can not start, can only YY once, bitter joy. Drunken Beauty's Knees Chapter 167 Night Encounter "Feng Qing," Xiao thought, and called softly in his ear. It was Shaoxuan who put down the teacup and looked up at me. I adjusted my wandering eyes, lowered my head and answered with the softest voice: "I am here." "What were you thinking about?" He suddenly asked. This I am stupefied, always bad to say "I am thinking of pulling your dragon cheek, the emperor", so I have to say, "I am thinking of the emperor,tannic acid astringent, you are so diligent, I really set an example, the emperor." His voice was slightly smiling. "Oh?"? Is that true? 。 prius-biotech.com

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