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With these words, he reached out his hand and touched Chi Enen. Chi Enen dodged, clapped his hand and said with a white face, "You've mistaken me for someone else. Let me out!" The back of Wang Feng's hand was beaten red by her, and his face suddenly darkened. "Little girl, you are shameless, aren't you?"? I tell you, unless you make the young master happy today, you won't be able to walk out of this door! As he spoke, two drunken men stood in front of the door. Chi Enen lowered his face, pursed his lips, and snapped, "Let me out, or I'll call the police!" "Call the police?"? Ha ha ha, did you hear that? The little beauty said she was going to call the police? I'm so scared. I'm scared shitless, too. Wang Shao, you have to let Mayor Wang protect us. We don't want to go to prison. There was a burst of laughter in the box. It turned out that this group of people had such a big background that they had to be afraid of the police. The blood on Chi Enen's lips faded cleanly in an instant. Just then, Wang Feng held out his hand to her again. Chapter 77 Chi Enen was beaten. At that time,ultrasonic generator driver, Chi Enen kicked him. Just listen to a scream of'ah ', the leering man has covered the following collapsed on the ground. Are you all right, Wang Shao? "Wang Shao." Others did not expect such a change, and their attention was attracted by Wang Feng, including the two men who had been guarding the door before. Chi Enen took this opportunity to rush to the door and hold the door handle. Knock, knock. Her heart was beating so fast that all the sounds in her ears had disappeared, and there seemed to be only a tightly closed door in front of her. Suddenly,ultrasonic dispersing machine, Chi Enen's face turned pale. How could. "" "Why can't you open it?" Wang Feng had been helped up, and the man who had been guarding the door before said ferociously, "Because I have locked the door." Locked from the inside! Chi Enen's heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley. What to do? What are we going to do? "Bitch!" Wang Feng is the only child in his family. Because his father is the mayor, people around him hold him in their hands. No one dares to touch him with a finger. Today, in front of so many people, I was beaten by a woman and kicked on the key part. How could he stand it. Immediately, his face was livid, and he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, "grab her for me!" No matter how calm Chi Enen is, he's afraid now. What are you doing? The two men immediately pushed and twisted her in front of Wang Feng, "Wang Shao, you caught her." "Strip her naked and I want to inspect the goods!" Strip naked? Chi Enen's heart trembled. No! What to do? What should I do? Seeing that the man's dirty hands were about to reach out, she raised her head fiercely and sneered, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic welding transducer, "Wang Shao, right?"? I've never seen a man as useless as you. Can't you find a woman except to force her? What did you say? Say it again, damn it! Chi Enen clenched his teeth and ignored his livid face, calculating in his mind the possibility of finding someone to help him when he saw the note. As he opened his mouth to delay time, "I said you had no woman willing to follow you except to force you!" "Pow!" A slap in the face was thrown heavily in her face, and Chi Enen's left ear was buzzing. Damn, it hurts. The left side of my face hurts like it's burning. She raised her head stubbornly and stared into the angry man's eyes. Instead of shutting up, he continued, "What, am I wrong?" She raised the corners of her mouth and suddenly realized, "Oh, no, I was wrong.". It shouldn't be said that no woman wants to follow you except by force. You still have money. It is correct to say that no woman wants to follow you except for money and coercion. "Little bitch, man!" The angry man kicked her in the stomach. Chi Enen snorted, and his already bloodless face was instantly as white as transparent. It hurts Her stomach was pulled into a ball, her body seemed to be torn in half, and she almost fainted in pain. But she can't faint. Never pass out! His throat was full of blood. Chi Enen opened his mouth, spat out a mouthful of blood, and laughed in a hoarse voice. "It seems that I was right." "Tell me again, believe it or not, I'll kill you!" Wang Feng was about to step on it. Huang Yu stopped him quickly. "Wang Shao, don't be angry. This girl is deliberately making you angry." "Get out of here. I'm going to take care of her today." Wang Feng's eyes were red and he pushed him away and kicked Chi Enen in the stomach. The little woman, who was already pale, could not see any blood at the moment, and if her hands had not been firmly grasped, she might not have been able to stand steadily. Chapter 78 blocked for him. It hurts My face hurts.. My stomach hurts.. It hurts all over. What to do? She's not going to make it. Has Anxin arrived at the coffee shop or not? Did the clerk give her the note? Will she think of finding someone to save herself? Chi Enen is not sure, not sure about anything. But she was sure that even if she was killed, she would not be touched by these people. In a twinkling of an eye, she got a few more strokes on her face and stomach, and everything in front of her began to be in a trance, and she couldn't tell whether she was awake or had fainted. She just tried to open her eyes and look in the direction of Wang Feng, swallowed a mouthful of blood, and continued, "What kind of man is bullying a woman?"? Let me go if you can. "Young Master is not a man, is he?"? I'll show you what a man is! Wang Feng grinned grimly and grabbed her wrist and reached out to pull her clothes. Let go of me! What's he doing?! Chi Enen, who was already in a trance, suddenly woke up and struggled in panic. Wang Feng slapped her in the face again and said with a sneer, "Didn't you say I wasn't a man?"? I'll show you if the young master is a man. 'Tear And pull- 'a crisp sound. The white T worn by Chi Enen was torn open, revealing a white shoulder. The cold air poured into her skin, and she opened her eyes wide, broke free of the clamp,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and kicked it! "Ah!" Wang Feng did not expect this time she also dared to resist, the lower abdomen was kicked, holding her hand to eat the pain of the release. This is the chance!.

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