Microsoft AZ 900: An Introduction to Azure Cloud Computing and Azure Architecture

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01 October 2022

Microsoft AZ 900: An Introduction to Azure Cloud Computing and Azure Architecture


Microsoft Azure has been constantly expanding their cloud services, including the new Azure Machine Learning service that was released in March 2016. With so many new offerings it's easy to be overwhelmed and not know what to do first. This tutorial provides an introduction to the basics of Azure cloud computing and Azure architecture. 


It will prepare you to take Microsoft’s AZ-900 exam, which validates your knowledge in the fundamentals of Azure cloud computing and architecting cloud solutions using Azure services and technologies.

Microsoft AZ 900: An Introduction to Azure Cloud Computing and Azure Architecture

Part 1: What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft's cloud service that provides scalable, flexible, secure solutions for building, deploying and managing applications. Azure makes it easy for developers of any skill level to build powerful applications in a variety of languages. Microsoft will teach you the fundamentals of Azure architecture, as well as some of the platform's more popular features. 


You'll also learn about how you can get certified with Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCPD) - Azure Developer Associate certification. Azure is a great option for developers of all experience levels because it offers a lot more than just the basics. We'll talk about the different parts of the certification process so you know what you're getting into before diving in! The first step is understanding what exactly Azure is!

Part 2 - Getting Started with Azure

Azure offers a wide variety of services that can be used by any size organisation. Getting started with Azure is easy with the Microsoft Learn-Azure-In-A-Day learning path. This Learning Path introduces the fundamental concepts and terminology that are found in Azure cloud computing services and Azure architecture, and prepares you for AZ-900 certification. 


Being certified in Microsoft AZ 900 will demonstrate your skills in designing solutions based on Azure technologies, understanding business value, planning security and risk mitigation, configuring networks and virtual machines (VMs), deploying applications, implementing load balancing services and monitoring performance. Candidates should have working knowledge of Windows Server 2008 or 2012 as well as Windows Client 7/8/8.1 or Windows 10.

Part 3 – Implementing Security in your Application Architecture

Security is often overlooked by developers, but it's a crucial part of any application. This module will teach you how to implement security in your application architecture. You'll learn about the common web vulnerabilities, then learn how to mitigate these risks in your code. 


Plus, you'll explore identity management with OAuth2, SQL injection techniques, secure coding practices, authentication schemes like JWT (JSON Web Tokens), Cross Site Request Forgery prevention techniques and more! After completing this module, you will be prepared to take the AZ-900 Exam Prep: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals


You've now completed our introduction to Azure cloud computing and Azure architecture. With that knowledge, you're ready for Microsoft AZ 900: An Introduction to Azure Cloud Computing and Azure Architecture

Part 4 – Planning for Application Continuity and Management

This course is intended for technology professionals that have experience working with Azure, or who are familiar with the fundamentals of cloud computing. You will be responsible for defining the right deployment topology for your application, ensuring continuity is possible in a range of different circumstances. Prepare for Microsoft AZ-900 certification by learning the basics of Azure cloud computing and Azure architecture. 


AZ-900: An Introduction to Azure Cloud Computing and Azure Architecture - Learn about the fundamental building blocks for designing and implementing cloud solutions using Azure. Start by gaining familiarity with the key concepts, technologies and terminology related to cloud computing on Azure. Then explore more advanced topics such as Storage, Networking & Security as well as Management & Monitoring options within the Azure platform

Part 5 – Managing Data in the Cloud

Part 5 of the Learning Path will help you understand how Microsoft handles security, compliance, management of data on the public cloud, hybrid-cloud deployment scenarios, and an introduction to SQL Server in the cloud. This portion of our Learning Path will prepare for Microsoft's new AZ-900 certification exam.


You'll get a comprehensive review of managing data in the cloud. You'll learn how the technology works from a user perspective with architecture diagrams and related best practices for architecting your own service or solution on Microsoft's public cloud platform including cost justification models, licensing details, and tips for building an application that will scale effectively in a multi-tenant environment. AZ-900 covers securing access to an organisation's information by protecting against unauthorised access.

Part 6 – Building Hybrid Applications

Microsoft has released a new exam, the AZ-900 - Microsoft AZ 900: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, which demonstrates experience in building hybrid applications. The exam contains eight domains, each with associated tasks. 


Some of the domains include an overview of on-premises integration, Office 365 integration, deployment strategies (build and release), application architecture design with best practices for cloud computing architectures, SharePoint Online integration options for hybrid architectures and extensibility options for popular Microsoft products. One of Microsoft’s recent offerings was their introduction to Microsoft AZ 900: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Part 7 – Further Reading

For more information about Azure cloud computing, Microsoft has created a learning path for the same objectives. You will learn fundamentals of Microsoft Azure architecture such as virtualization, network configuration, data access strategies, reliability options and monitoring and alerting. These topics are covered in four courses totaling 10 hours of training. 


The certifications AZ-900 certification is targeted at candidates with experience managing IT infrastructure or systems operations teams who support applications running on premises or in Windows Server virtual machines or in the public cloud . 


AZ-900 certification is intended for architects, consultants, developers and administrators who design and maintain applications by implementing solutions that can span multiple services across physical, virtual or cloud resources. They also plan the strategy on which platforms should be used to deliver those services from within their organisations’ infrastructures.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft AZ 900 is the exam-based learning path that leads you from introduction through to becoming familiar with various aspects of Microsoft's Azure architecture. This exam blueprint provides a clear pathway for your AZ-900 journey, enabling you to prepare for the AZ-900 certification exam. 


The exams covers foundational knowledge of application architecture on the Microsoft Azure platform, including compute, networking, storage, management, as well as deployment. This may sound like a lot at first glance but don't worry! We'll make it easy by going over all these areas in just enough detail so you can start developing your skills before getting down into any one area more deeply until you're ready. Don't wait any longer!


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