Methods to Remove the Solar Panel Safely

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Removal of solar panel systems is as important as installing them. Certain criteria and precautions are required to be taken to remove them safely. Removal of heavy solar panels might lead to accidents that might lead to individual deaths.

Solar panel removal New Jersey is one of the few processes where you learn to remove the solar panel systems safely. Safe removal also helps to keep the solar panel system in the best condition, and the cost to repair is cut down.

Some of the ways to remove solar panels safely are as follows:


  • Shut Down The Power


The first step in removing any power appliances is always to shut down the current flowing in them. Similarly, solar panel removal requires one to shut down the electrical current flowing through the solar panels by disconnecting the button or circuit breakers.


As the solar panel system has AC and DC circuit breakers, it is safe to turn off both circuits to avoid accidents. Finally, The inverter that runs the power supply with the help of the battery should also be turned off. Solar panel removal in New Jersey experts follows these steps.


  • Unplug the Solar Panels from One Another


After switching off solar energy production, you should unplug the solar system's switches and the AC power connections that run the power supply throughout the household. 


A few safety precautions should be taken while unplugging the solar panels from one another, like wearing insulating gloves to prevent them from getting electrocuted due to power leakage and wearing a harness to move safely on the slopes of the roofs to unplug the system.


  • Removing Solar panels


Removing solar panels is instructed by removing them from the roof mounting equipment and laying them gently on the ground. Different procedures are done for different roofs, such as a standing seam roof will take longer to remove than a flat roof.


Some of the precautions taken before removing solar panels are that one should unbolt the panels from the arrays. Then tilt the solar panels on either side and should place the heavy panels gently on the ground with another person and in a proper location or place. 


Separation of the Hardware


Next is to remove the hardware from the solar panels that are attached. Roofs are created to withstand the weight of the solar panels, usually weighing 2-4 pounds per square foot. One should be careful as it is heavy.


Unfastening of Cables/Wires


Removing the cables and wires is a risky process. Sometimes the cables might leak or malfunction, leading to drastic accidents and death due to the high voltage. The people should be careful not to come in contact with water. To prevent accidents, gloves, and rubber shoes should be worn by the workers.


Clearing the Grounding System


Clearance of the grounding system can be of two types. You can take the grounding system with you or keep it at home. In case of relocating, you can keep it at the house to add value which is better than carrying the heavy workload elsewhere.


Settle the Components


A large space is required to store the removed components of solar panels. The components should be covered with a dry towel or cloth. Next, the voltage should be switched to connect it to the DC. Finally, pack the components properly by unplugging the connected wires from the solar panels by removing the nut and screws. Solar panel removal New Jersey follows the same methods for removing solar panel systems.




We can conclude by saying that by following the above mentioned methods, we can avoid accidents and deaths and keep the solar panel from getting destroyed. Solar panel removal New Jersey can help in this process.

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