Metals vs Crypto: Which Is a Better Investment Option

Metals vs Crypto: Which Is a Better Investment Option

Of course, determining the "better" investment between cryptocurrencies and metals requires a nuanced understanding of your specific goals, risk tolerance, and investment timeline. Both asset classes have their unique characteristics. It’s true. Now let's put boring preambles aside, and try to objectively compare two such different types of assets.

Cryptocurrencies, being part of a still-emerging field, have demonstrated both enormous growth potential and significant volatility. Investing in crypto could offer substantial rewards but carries a high level of risk, particularly for those not well-versed in this market.

Metals, particularly precious ones like gold and silver, are often considered safer, more traditional investments. They can act as a hedge against inflation and provide stability during economic uncertainty.

Metals vs Crypto





Historically high returns but unpredictable

Generally steady, more modest returns


High risk, high volatility

Lower risk, more stability


Accessible via online exchanges; may require technical knowledge

Widely available through traditional investment channels

Market Knowledge

Requires understanding of technology and specific market dynamics

Only basic economics knowledge required

Time Horizon

Potentially suitable for shorter time frames

Often considered a long-term investment

Regulatory Landscape

Still evolving; may be subject to unexpected legal changes

Established regulations; generally more predictable


Can be part of a diversified portfolio but still a young market

Traditional diversification asset; often seen as safe haven


Liquidity can vary widely among different cryptocurrencies

Generally liquid; easy to buy/sell

However, it's essential to consult with a financial advisor or investment professional who knows your specific situation to make the most informed decision. No investment is without risk, and market conditions can change rapidly, affecting the performance of both cryptocurrencies and metals.

Comparing ROI

Past ROI


  • Bitcoin's price has surged from virtually nothing to over $60,000 since its inception in 2009, representing an immense return for early investors. BTC has an average annual return of 1,576%.
  • The price of altcoins is generally correlated with the price of Bitcoin, so the picture looks similar. However, some coins and tokens can soar into space and fall to the bottom in short periods of time.


  • Gold price performance for the last year was +22%. If we look now at the 20-year period from 2003 to 2023, the price of gold increased by 422%. 
  • During the same period, silver's price increased by 8% and 370% respectively.

Future ROI Expectations

Predicting exact future ROI is inherently challenging and speculative. While past performance can provide insights, it does not guarantee future results.

Some analysts believe the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and technological advancements may continue to drive growth, but predicting exact numbers is complex. At the same time, analysts typically see metals like gold as more stable, predicting modest growth aligned with inflation and global economic factors.

Difficulties in Converting Assets Between Crypto and Metals

Finding a marketplace that allows direct exchange between cryptocurrencies and metals can be challenging. Traditional metal dealers might not accept cryptocurrencies, and crypto exchanges might not deal in physical metals.

Converting between these asset classes might also involve multiple steps, including selling one asset for fiat currency and then purchasing the other. Each transaction might carry commissions and fees, making the process more costly.

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