Maximizing the Lifespan of Your LED TV: Maintenance and Care Tips

Maximizing the Lifespan of Your LED TV: Maintenance and Care Tips
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11 July 2023

Nothing beats unwinding in front of the television with our favourite sports channel, films, or dramas, or catching up on the most recent news, for the majority of us nowadays. However, these appliances frequently encounter problems that might require a TV Repair Service. If you own a LED TV, it was probably an expensive investment, making it crucial to prevent any issues with it. Therefore, you might want to extend it as much as you can.

Here are some tips for taking care of your LED TV to get first-class service for years.

Turn off the LED to save energy.

Simply turning off your LED TV when no one is watching it can help you maintain it in top shape. While 60,000 hours may seem like a long time, an LED TV set has an average lifespan of 60,000 hours. On the other hand, it might be harmful over time if you use your TV as background noise while you work or if you doze off while viewing it.

Just three hours a day of continuous use of your TV will use up 100,000 watt-hours of energy annually, shortening its life. So, make an effort to develop the practice of turning off your TV when it's not in use.

Be cautious about Power Supply.

  • The power supply generally gets unstable during lightning storms or rainy days which may spike the voltage.
  • Another reason for voltage spikes is if the consumption of electricity for any other appliance is high; it may cause malfunction to your LED TV.

Thus, it is very mandatory to be aware of LED TVs at that time. For that, you can also use a voltage regulator for voltage fluctuations.

Maintain optimum brightness.

Your decision to purchase an LED TV may have been heavily influenced by the attractive high-quality images. But keep in mind to adjust the brightness settings if you want to make sure your TV keeps its picture quality for years.

White lights or RGB colours on LED TVs gradually decrease with use. The lifespan of the TV will be shortened if the brightness settings are always at their highest setting, which can hasten this process.

Don't Use Harmful Chemicals.

You may not realise how delicate and sensitive your LED TV screen is. Using cleaning agents and detergents can result in scratches, damage to the anti-glare coating, or irreversible screen damage. So, make an effort to stay as far away from your TV as you can.

Allow Your LED TV to Exhale.

Yes, this may appear strange among these LED TV maintenance suggestions. To prevent overheating, your LED TV needs ample room for airflow. Try placing your TV in a room with no humidity that is open. By doing this, the TV will be able to cool effectively when it is not in use.

Pack your schedule to maintain your LED TV !

To ensure the longevity of your LED TV; you need to set up a habit of maintaining it. Proper maintenance will help prevent hefty LED TV Repair, allowing you to continue your entertainment needs. 

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