Main Materials Required for Palm Beach Roofing Service

Main Materials Required for Palm Beach Roofing Service

Roofs are simply seen as shingles that cover them, maybe some pipes, vets, or gutters, but they are not as simple as they seem from the ground. A roofing system has several different materials, each with its own purpose in keeping your roof safe from leaks and other damage. If you are looking for a Palm Beach roofing contractor for roof replacement, you may be surprised by this cost because most expect to have some shingles thrown up there, and the job is done. Rather than that, there are several things associated with roofing and here is all about it. 

Materials Need for Roofing 

Several materials are needed for roofing, like shingles, the materials that back them up and the items that provide additional protection to the roof. 

Roof Decking 

Roof decking is known as the roof layer of the roof. It comprises multiple boards that are either plywood or oriented strand boards, and they serve as the connection between the roofing materials and the house frame. The decking is nailed or stapled into the building's rafters, and roofing materials are installed on top of it. 

The largest impact of roof leaks is also felt on the decking. Water can seep through your shingles and other barriers due to small punctures and ordinary wear, damaging the wood and causing rot. You might not discover any areas of water damage to the decking until you remove the roof to perform the replacement. 

Asphalt Shingles  

The shingles are mainly constructed by covering the fibreglass mat with asphalt, a layer of protective granules and an adhesive that allows it to seal with the other shingles above or below it. Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing materials for homes, and they are preferred for their low cost and longer durability. There is also a wide range of flexibility in design, colour, protection level, and price range. 

Starter Shingles 

Before you could start putting on the main layer of protective shingles, the contractors put on starter shingles or strips on the edges of the roof. These asphalt strips are mainly nailed in and have adhesive at the bottom that melts, better securing the laying of shingles above it. The main purpose of these shingles is to allow the first run of full shingles to have something to stick to the way that all the others do. If there were no starter strips, the bottom of the shingles would only be relying on their weight to keep them down. 

Ridge Capping 

Ridge cap shingles do exactly what they sound like; they cap off the ridge of your roof in an aesthetically pleasing way and provide cover for the area where everything meets at the top. These shingles are mainly pre-bent and thicker than normal shingles to assist with their wind resistance, and they are capable of directing water that hits the peak of your roof. 

Roof’s Reinforcement 

Roof reinforcement is crucial to ensure that there is no fear of water sipping when there is heavy rain or snow. The materials used in underlayment are ice or water shields along with flashing. 

The Palm Beach roofing service providers use these main roofing materials while carrying out any roof replacement or roofing projects. These are the most important materials that safeguard the roof and ensure security from various factors. 


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