Lisa Diaz was born in New Mexico

Lisa Diaz was born in New Mexico
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but her family has very strong roots in Mexico. Lisa's ancestors lived in New Mexico when it was Mexican territory. During the war against the United States between 1846 and 1847, the Mexicans lost that land to the Americans.

But Lisa Diaz's family had been living there since then, which is why she and her loved ones consider themselves Mexican.

We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us. We always say in New Mexico that it was Mexico. My family was there when it was Mexico, when there were Apaches and people from Spain," Lisa commented in an interview to the YouTube channel "No Puedes Jugar Boxeo".

Henry considers himself Mexican, and is very proud that his son is, too. His son Ryan Garcia doesn't speak Spanish, but his father says that in boxing you don't talk, you throw punches.

Canelo Alvarez shows his generosity by giving boxing gloves to a teenage windscreen wiper
The fighter from Guadalajara fulfilled the dream of a 13-year-old boy

Canelo Alvarez is known not only for his quality in the boxing ring, where he has had a brilliant career, but he is also known for his generosity and humane qualities when it comes to helping other people.

The Mexican fighter may have won multiple world championships across different weight classes, but he still finds the time to perform charitable acts for either fans or those less fortunate.

The most recent example of this has seen Alvarez trending again on social media, with a video coming out of South America through a Tik Tok user.

Canelo's gesture to Walter
Venezuelan influencer Manuel Conecta went out on the streets in his country, and met Walter, a 13-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a boxer, and in order to be able to buy boxing gloves he goes out every day, stands on street corners and offers to clean windscreens.

Manuel Conecta and Walter met, and the Tik Tok user let Canelo know about Walter's dream, and immediately got a response.

"Walter, I saw that you're working to buy some gloves, you've got to work hard," Canelo stated in his video message.

"You always have to have a dream of something and you have the dream of being a boxer.

"I am going to send you these gloves so you can work hard, I send you a hug, God bless you."

In the video, the Mexican boxer is seen signing boxing gloves that he promised to send to Walter in Venezuela.

When he saw the video, Walter could not hold back his tears; as if that wasn't enough, Manuel Conecta took the little boy to a sports shop to buy the necessary equipment to start his boxing career, as well as giving him a bicycle.

Ryan Garcia: Floyd Mayweather would beat Jake Paul, but wouldn't knock him out
He believes that the boxing legend can't KO the YouTuber

Ryan Garcia believes that Jake Paul would be defeated by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather if the two men ever faced each other in a bout.

Paul and Mayweather came face-to-face last Wednesday after a Miami Heat game, where the latter's entourage appeared to outman Jake Paul's only security guard.

"So I'm leaving the Miami Heat game and Floyd Mayweather and 50 dudes pull up out of nowhere, out of like some side alley, waiting for me outside the stadium, and they're like, 'So what's up? what's all that talk now?' Paul said on Instagram.

According to TMZ Sports, Garcia claimed that Mayweather would "beat up" Paul in a potential bout, which is reportedly in the works..

"But, guess what," Garcia added. "Jake won't get knocked out."

TMZ Sports indicated that Garcia couldn't knock out Jake's brother, Logan, in an exhibition duel tha took place back in June 2021.

"Floyd will not see me 1 on 1 in a real fight," Paul wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

That's a fact. His team has hit my team numerous times to do one of his "exhibitions". Now he ambushes me. Come see me in the ring, real fight, no exhibition robbing fans bullshit."

Paul had frustrated Mayweather during one of the press conferences before the boxing legend's fight with Logan by snatching his cap off his head.

Gervonta Davis has Ryan Garcia's fighting style figured out 'he ain't got nothing but a hook'

Gervonta Davis has been very outspoken about Ryan Garcia and during the latest press conference he said that almost led to punches being thrown, he mentioned that Garcia had nothing but a hook, suggesting that he is a 'one trick pony'

During the conference, both Tank Davis and King Ry were speaking tough about each other, however, Gervonta is confident that he knows what kind of fight his opponent will bring to the ring.

After both conferences had them facing each other and almost giving a small piece of the fight, Gervonta analyzed his opponent and made it clear what makes him dangerous, but it's only one punch.

"This guy keeps talking about how he's going to hit me with a hook, but he's got nothing but a hook."
After the conference in Los Angeles, Gervonta 'Tank' Davis questioned his opponent and made it clear that he is not a complete fighter.

"What else you got?" asked Gervonta to Ryan. "He's not a complete fighter,"

For Gervonta, fighters should not rely on one punch, mainly because boxers can prepare for that type of blows and if they want to win, they have to have more in the toolbox.

"When you're a complete boxer, you can do everything," Davis stated. "You can't rely on one punch - what happens when that one punch doesn't work? You have to rely on something else."

Gervonta Davis is confident he will knock out Ryan Garcia
Davis made it clear that Ryan is nothing more than a social media sensation, and that he does not have what it takes to beat him in the ring.

He addressed how he beat Luke Campbell and said he will knock Garcia out on April 22 in Las Vegas.

"Didn't Ryan get knocked out by Luke Campbell? did he punch a lot harder than Luke Campbell, yes or no?" asked Davis. "I've already sent a lot of guys to sleep and Ryan is next."

"This is going to be an explosive fight," he stated. "If you don't watch boxing, this is the fight to watch for sure. If you can get there, make sure you're there. If you can't be there, buy the pay-per-view."


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