Lake and sea eagles fly

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Ouyang Zhi, a scholar in brocade robes, also knew that although there were only three moves to protect Wei Tuogong Tianbi, both sides had to risk their lives, because both of them were peerless masters, and every move and style contained no chance of murder.  In the blink of an eye, the figure was gone, and the guards followed one after another. Shao Laosan, the daughter of Qianjin Huazi, sighed with a straight face,shuttle rack system, "This Tianbi who protects the Wei Tuo Palace is really a very talented person.  But tomorrow's meeting in the Western Hills must come as promised. Otherwise,drive in racking system, if I break my promise to others, I will never forgive you!" Ouyang Zhi, a scholar in a brocade robe, was so arrogant and rude that the young swordsman was very unhappy. His face changed and he was proud and excited. He said angrily, "I am not a man who is afraid of death. I am a real man who dares to act. If I don't come tomorrow, I will be a shameless villain in Jianghu!" "Ouyang Zhi, a scholar in a brocade robe, did not mind. Instead, he looked slightly happy." That's all right, "he replied. "Come with me," he said, putting his hand to Pearl, "and gather up the things in the house. We must move again." Pearl, though reluctant, did not dare to disobey the scholar's uncle, and looked helplessly at Xia Qing and Qianjinhuazi Shao Lao. "Don't worry, my niece," said Shao Laosan with a laugh. "Give Uncle Hanako the man of your dreams and let him see you again unscathed." Pearl suddenly blushed and spat at Shao Laosan, but smiled back at Xia Qing and went with Ouyang, a scholar in brocade robes. Only then did Qianjinhuazi Shao Laosan say to Xia Qing with a smile, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,industrial racking systems, "Although our sour second brother has a strange disposition, his heart is actually very good, and he is especially the most protective of himself.  Unexpectedly, the chivalrous young man's daughter Shao Laosan knew everything about himself.   Suddenly, a figure from the top to the bottom, straight down, the body of the fast, disease if the wind. The man has not arrived, the cold light appears first, the wind of the golden blade is strong and sharp, and has been attacking the lower plate of the chivalrous youth. As soon as Xia Qingmeng lifted his feet, he just flashed over the man's sword, pulled it out in the air,cantilever racking system, and suddenly fell down to the front yard. The man's posture was so fast that he could take back the potential of the attack, fall to the ground in silence, and sweep out a sword to Xia Qing's neck.

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