Kewaunee Fume Hood Made-To-Measure Can Make a Big Difference

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15 September 2023

Laboratory fume hoods are manufactured in unique designs depending on the user's needs. You will find fume hoods that are ducted or ductless. Ducted laboratory fume hood functions to remove the air from the laboratory and disperse it into the atmosphere outside. Today you will come across many ducted hoods that employ constant air volume (CAV) systems, variable air volume (VAV) systems. These fume hoods are a new generation of hoods that work to reduce energy costs. In addition, VAV systems also reduce the volume of the air exhausted as the fume hood sash is closed.

Depending on the needs of your laboratory, you can invest in ductless fume hoods that recirculate the air by filtering it before redistributing it back into the laboratory. These fume hoods make use of different filters required for different materials.

Why Is It Important That Your Lab Personnel Work In a Fume Hood?

Laboratory Fume Hood work to ensure the safety of your lab personnel while working with hazardous materials by constantly transporting airflow away from the user. Evidently when you install fume hoods properly, fume hoods they can provide a safe environment to the users by keeping them away from toxic gases, explosions, and spills.

Kewaunee fume hood is known for excellent ventilation and for their Regulatory Compliance and Standards. They provide customized design on demand for their customers. Primary function of fume hood is to provide a barrier between lab workers and toxic fumes by filtering the air inside the laboratory.

Reasons to Choose the Best Fume Hood Manufacturers in India

Kewaunee laboratory fume hoods are one of the most reliable engineering controls in the laboratory. Kewaunee fume hood is enhanced with the Venturi containment technology. Moreover, Kewaunee fume hoods manufactured in India and USA are what the modern laboratories require. These fume hoods are designed and tested to meet ASHRAE 110-2016 and EN-14175-3 standards. Venturi fume hoods are considered as the safest and the most energy efficient model in the market today. These fume hoods are equipped with user-friendly features that accommodate the needs of new generation scientists. Moreover, the rigid frame construction is to assure solid installation, low vibration, and sound levels.

Undoubtedly, Kewaunee is one of the leading fume hood manufacturers in India and USA. You can choose from a wide choice of pre-designed models or get custom made fume hoods according to the needs of your laboratory.

Kewaunee turnkey laboratory services are a one-stop solution for all your laboratory design and construction projects. At every stage of your laboratory design and construction project, Kewaunee's lab design architects, lab design consultants, lab planners, and engineers are available to help you get the best out of your investment.

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