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Luan Xing'er waited for a while, but when he saw that he was just staring at himself, he said happily, "Sir, I haven't been back for more than half a year. Don't you know Xing'er?" Huai yuan Ju looked back at the door behind him. He looked a little nervous. He waved his hand to Luan Xing'er and whispered, "You go back first." With that, he walked to the east wing. He entered the door of the east wing and said to the little girl who was sweeping and laying, "You go out!" He picked up a chair and sat down, hanging his head and sulking. Huai Lu came in quietly, closed the door, stood beside him and looked at his face. "Are you all right, sir?" He asked cautiously. Huai yuanju is full of suffocation, listening to Huai Lu like this. Stretch out a hand to point to the direction of main room: "You heard!"! You saw it all! Have you spoiled her? It doesn't look good! What do people think when they just settle down like this? Huai Lu pursed his lips and said cautiously, "On the way, I told my aunt about Luan Xing'er. You just said it wasn't a big deal. It doesn't matter.". But just now Luan Xing'er saw you like that, and her aunt came all the way with you, how could she get by? “…” Huai yuan Ju aftertaste, also feel in the wrong, think about it,Brushless Gear Motor, and tough way, "Luan apricot son is just a slave, how can she with a slave general knowledge?"? Doesn't it make people laugh? "You can't say that, sir. Don't forget, my aunt's identity is now.." Only then did Huai yuanju realize that Le Yizhen was still a slave, and that he had forgotten about it without mentioning it for a long time. With a wave of his hand, he said to Huai Lu,micro gear motor, "I forgot about that." But even if should not take the matter of Luan apricot son to hide her, she also cannot be so obstinate! If I had known she was like this when I was at home, I wouldn't have brought her out! Huai Lu knew that Huai yuan Ju was talking angrily. He smiled softly and said, "I think my aunt did a good job." Huai yuanju didn't understand what he meant. He glared at him angrily. "The older you get, the more confused you are. Your mouth is full of nonsense!" "I have a point when I say yes." Not afraid of his lesson, Huai Lu continued to say slowly, "I saw my aunt's face changed greatly when she just saw Luan Xing. I was happy for the master in my heart.". In the past, when I was at home, how much attention did the master pay to the aunt? I didn't see her react with joy and anger. Seeing the master was like seeing a guest. He was just being polite. Didn't the master feel uncomfortable? Only then did Huai yuanju understand what he meant. He thought it was reasonable, but on second thought, he felt it was wrong: "Even if, as you said, she is interested in me now, she can't act like this!"! Look at her. She occupies the main room and doesn't open the door. Can't I live in the east wing? Also The first day she came, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Micro Gear Motor, she blushed with Luan Xing'er. How could she get along with her in the same yard? "Your lordship.." Huai Lu sighed helplessly, "the slave said a word of disrespect, how can you not be enlightened?"? Even an old bachelor like a slave can see it. "What?" Huai yuanju looked at him doubtfully. Luan Xing'er. I can't stay. Although Huai Lu did not want to be a bad person, but his master was not enlightened, he had no choice but to mention, "Auntie's heart is so high, doesn't the master know?"? That's all right at home. Now out of the door, she thought she could live quietly with you, but there is such a person who is not on the surface every day in front of her eyes, can she not block her heart? When Huai yuanju heard this, he recalled the angry words of Le Yizhen just now and became silent. After a while, he looked up. "But …" Luan Xing'er has been serving here for nearly ten years, and now she's over thirty years old. Is it possible to ask someone to come and sell her? Huai Lu also felt that this matter was more difficult and could not think of a good idea at the moment. Huai yuanju gave a heavy "Hi" and sighed, "I'll arrange things about Luan Xing'er when I'm ready. You go and open the door for me first. Do you really want her to occupy the main room and I'll live in the east wing?" Huai Lu promised to lift his feet and walk out, but Huai yuan Ju stopped him again: "You come back …" Let me ask you.. Have you ever heard the expression "stallion man?" Huai Lu first frowned and thought about it seriously, and then he said happily, "Did Auntie say that about the master?"? This statement. How interesting It's also appropriate. After whispering the last words, he stepped out of the threshold and went to the main room. Huai yuanju pinched his chin and thought about the question of "stallion man" for a long time. Although he had never heard of this expression, he understood the meaning of "stallion", so he could probably guess the meaning of these three words. He remembered her remark that "a bunch of women are divided into layers", which made him very angry when he heard it, but now he thought about it carefully, wondering how she came up with it, which was somewhat appropriate. So he shook his head with a wry smile, opened the door, and looked out. Ding'er was no longer in the yard and had apparently been put into the house by Le Yizhen. But Huai Lu was blocked outside the door of the main room and was sticking to the door, saying something with a smile on his face. Huai yuan Ju saw that he had talked for a long time, but the two doors were still closed, so he called the little girl who was fetching water at the door and asked her to call Huai Lu back. When Huai Lu got the message, he took one look at Huai yuan Ju, who was standing at the door of the East Chamber. He shook his head, went down the steps, and returned to this side. "Don't tell me. My aunt is really angry. She's a stubborn man who can't pull ten horses back. Look, sir.." "Hi!"! I always thought she was a gentle temper. Forget it. You go and arrange it. I'll rest here today. "Your lordship.." Huai Lu thought something was wrong. If I tell you to go, you go! Aren't the main rooms and wing rooms all my homes? After a lot of trouble, Huai yuanju ordered Huai Lu to go back into the inner room and lie down on the bed without washing up. So on the first night in Fengzhou City, Le Yizhen occupied the main room with a good conscience, while Huai yuanju lived in the east wing. Luan Xing'er wanted to invite Huai yuan Ju to her room several times, but she didn't knock on the door and went back resentfully. Chapter 88 of the main text. The next morning, Huai yuanju got up early, because he had something to go out, and when T was there, Le Yizhen hired a car to go back to Anping,24v Gear Motor, and ordered Xiao Yang to stay at home. As soon as he left the gate, the housekeeper's daughter-in-law Li came out of the backyard and stood in the porch, looking into the main room. ichgearmotor.com

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