Hyderabad Rapper Lil Sidley

Hyderabad Rapper Lil Sidley
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14 October 2022


When you listen to Hyderabad Rapper Lil Sidley, it's hard not to notice his excitement for music and making the next big hit. His eagerness to make music is evident in the tone of his voice and the way he talks. The intensity of his voice can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when he's talking about the things he wants to do.
Lil Sidley is a concept artist

Born Siddhartha Gunti on June 7, 1997, the talented HipHop artist from Hyderabad, India is known for his concept art and catchy music. His style is very unique and he is also known for his music videos. His music videos have gained international recognition and he is also working with many leading Tollywood and Bollywood stars.

Lil Sidley has used music to give meaning to his life. Now, he wants to share this experience with the world. The album that he has crafted is a fusion of art and music. His lyrics, illustrations, and music depict the journey of the main character.
He is a concept artist

Hyderabad Rapper Lil Sidley is an artist who is proving to be one of the best in the HipHop genre in India. Lil Sidley is of Telugu and Punjabi origin. He is gaining a lot of recognition for blending different genres and languages into his music.

Lil Sidley has a vast discography that you can listen to online. His work is accessible on YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.
He has an album

Hyderabad Rapper Lil Sidley is making a name for himself in the music industry. He is an illustrious HipHop Artist, who has been known to experiment with multiple genres and languages. He first gained fame as a teenager and has since become a prominent figure in the country's entertainment scene.

Lil Sidley is currently working with some of the biggest names in the Tollywood and Bollywood industry. Recently, he collaborated with Siddharth Mahadevan for the movie Matrix Fight Night, produced by Tiger Shroff. His song featured on the movie's official anthem was heard by millions of people across the world.

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