How to Store and Preserve the Quality of Your Saffron (Kesar) for Longevity

How to Store and Preserve the Quality of Your Saffron (Kesar) for Longevity
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The Crocus sativus flower is the source of the precious spice Saffron, sometimes referred to as Kesar. Saffron is the way to go if you want to give meals some color, spice, and an exotic touch. Since a little goes a long way, it's simple to end up using the same supply for several months or even years. Proper storage and preservation methods are essential for getting the most out of saffron's advantages and extending its shelf life.

This raises the question, then: does saffron spoil? Can it be frozen? Continue reading as we go through all the information you require, to store best practices.

· Maintain in Airtight Containers

Saffron should be kept in airtight containers that keep out moisture, light, and air to maintain its freshness. Pick metal or glass tins or jars with tight-fitting lids. The quality of saffron might deteriorate over time in plastic containers, so stay away from them.

· Keep Light and Heat at a Distance

Due to its sensitivity to heat and light, saffron can lose some of its flavor, aroma, and color. As a result, keep saffron containers in a cool, dark location, like a pantry or cabinet. Avoid placing them close to appliances that could be exposed to direct sunlight or a lot of heat, such as stoves, ovens, or windows.

· Store in small portions

Divide and store extra saffron in smaller containers if you have a lot of it. Instead of exposing the entire stock of spices to air and humidity every time you need a few threads, you only need to open and utilize the portion you need in this manner.

· Prevent moisture

One of the major enemies of saffron is moisture, which can encourage the formation of mold and cause the spice to lose its flavor. Before storing the threads, make sure the saffron container is fully dry. If you reside in a humid environment, you can prevent moisture buildup in the container by adding a moisture-absorbing package, such as silica gel or rice.

· Monitor the temperatures

Saffron or Kesar is so delicate that even slight changes in heat or moisture can quickly change the spice's flavor. Try keeping your spice at 15-20 degrees while maintaining a relative humidity of 40%. Better yet, if you have a pantry with climate control so you can keep the saffron and other spices fresher for longer.

· Summary

The best quality of Kashmiri Saffron is not inexpensive, therefore you want to preserve your stock as long as you can. The spice will last you a few years if it is stored properly.

However, saffron will lose its freshness over time like all spices, so it is best to use it up as soon as you can to get its distinctive flavor and aroma!


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