How to Spot a Fake Air Jordan

How to Spot a Fake Air Jordan
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The Air Jordan 1 has become one of the most hyped and coveted sneakers in the world. Its popularity and resale value has created an industry of fake shoes.

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can tell the difference between an authentic and a fake pair of Air Jordans. Check out our guide below to learn how!


Air Jordans generally come in a Nike-branded box, but fake shoes often have boxes of inferior quality. The cardboard is also thinner and less durable, and may have dents or other marks.

A legitimate box should be sturdily built and have the Nike logo on both sides, along with a product label featuring details like style, name, color, size, country of origin and a nine digit style number. The label sticker should look complete and easy to read, with no air bubbles underneath.

Another thing that's often obvious is the font on the label. Real pairs have a much smaller and more compressed font than fakes. This is especially noticeable on the U.S. size tag, but it's a general rule.


A fake pair of airjordan will not have a perfectly smooth and subtle sole. The sole of a genuine pair should be thick rather than thin, and the lines should be precise and clear.

A real pair of Air Jordans will feature a Nike logo embossed onto the sole. Check that the edges of the logo are sharp and straight, and the typeface is correct.

The fake pair will have a different font size for the 'Air Jordan' text. Also, the 'R' is much thicker.

Another thing to look for is the perforations in the sole. The fake pair will have much more holes and less spacing between the holes.

Finally, check that the heel tabs are symmetrically distributed and have an equal depth. This will make sure that the pair of shoes matches left and right feet.


The tongue is an important part of the shoe that is often overlooked, but it can make or break a sneaker. Authentic pairs have a well-crafted tongue that has the smoothest surface and best placement for the Nike Air logo, swoosh, and the name of the shoes.

The real deal has two lines of stitching along the top and one on each side of the tongue, while the fakes have just the one. A look inside the mouth of a genuine pair of Air Jordans will reveal an embossed leather tag with the words "greatest player ever" written on it. The label also carries the fanciful name of 'Air Jordan' in the signature Nike Air logo font.

There are many ways to spot a fake sneaker, but the best way is to do your research before you commit to a purchase. Our legit check guide should help you make the best possible decision when it comes to purchasing a new pair of Air Jordans or any other brand.


The swoosh is the most famous feature of any Nike shoe. It is immaculately stitched, glued or printed on most pairs of shoes.

If you see any sloppy swoosh on a fake air jordans, chances are it is not stitched or glued to the correct standard. The trademarked swoosh on a genuine pair should be perfectly pointed, and not flat, fuzzier or misshapen in any way.

Another swoosh tell on a fake airjordan is the size difference in the font. On the real pair, the "TM" text is much larger than on the fake.

This isn't a foolproof indicator that a shoe is a fake, but it does help to give you a heads up when dealing with fakes. It's also a flaw that some top-tier replicas may get right, so it can save you a lot of time when authenticating.

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