How to Obtain a Copy of Lost Deed Poll in the UK

How to Obtain a Copy of Lost Deed Poll in the UK
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Losing an essential document like a deed poll can be quite distressing, but fear not, because in the UK, there are steps you can take to obtain a copy. A deed poll is a legal document used to prove a change of name, and it holds significant importance in various official proceedings. If you obtained your deed poll through a solicitor or a deed poll service, your first step should be to contact them. They usually keep records of the deeds they issue and can provide you with a copy for a fee.

Check with Government Agencies

If you made your deed poll through the UK Deed Poll Office or another government agency, reach out to them directly. They might have a record of your deed poll and can guide you on the process of obtaining a copy.

Apply for a Certified Copy

If you can't locate the issuer or agency, you can apply for a certified copy of your deed poll through the courts. You'll need to fill out a specific form and pay a fee. The court will then provide you with a certified copy of your deed poll.

Update Records

Once you have a copy of your deed poll, ensure to update all your records with your new name. This includes your passport, driver's license, bank accounts, and other official documents.

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