How to Identify and Purchase High-Quality Saffron (Kesar)

How to Identify and Purchase High-Quality Saffron (Kesar)
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Saffron, also referred to as "Kesar," is a priceless and fragrant spice that gives food a unique flavor and brilliant color. But because saffron is so expensive, there are a lot of low-quality, fake items on the market.

In this article, we'll show you how to recognize and buy the best quality saffron.

How to Recognize Genuine Saffron

Seek out a bright red color

Threads made from real saffron should have a deep crimson color with a faint orange tint. A dull or yellowish tinted saffron should be avoided since it could be of inferior quality or be adulterated.

 Look at the threads

Real saffron has delicate, thread-like characteristics. They ought to break easily under pressure and feel dry and brittle to the touch. Saffron with thick or wet threads should be avoided since they could be an indication of contaminants.

Think about the smell

A powerful, distinctive perfume that is frequently characterized as flowery, honey-like, or just a little metallic emanates from premium saffron. Avoid saffron since it may have low effectiveness if it has a weak or unpleasant smell.

Pay attention to the source

The excellent quality of saffron grown in some areas, including Iran, Spain, and Kashmir in India, is well known. To confirm that the saffron comes from a respected place, look at the packaging or speak with trustworthy sources.



Purchasing Tips

Get whole threads

Choose whole thread saffron over saffron that has been ground up. Whole threads have a lower chance of being tainted and keep their flavor and perfume for longer.

Select a reputable supplier

Saffron should be purchased from reliable vendors or specialty shops with a reputation for high-quality goods. Ask for advice from chefs, food authorities, or reliable sources if at all feasible.

Think about the cost

Due to its labor-intensive cultivation and scarcity, premium saffron is an expensive spice. Saffron that is being sold at an extremely low price should be avoided since it can be of poor quality or be adulterated.

Now, is it clear?

It takes careful consideration of color, aroma, thread quality, origin, and supplier reliability to recognize and buy the best quality of Saffron Online! 

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