How To Fix The Altice Remote Not Working Issue

How To Fix The Altice Remote Not Working Issue
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17 November 2022

Altice remote is a classic device with a better entertainment experience like never before. You can point the remote anywhere and still control your box. The tool features sleek backlight keys to navigate favorite shows and movies in the dark easily. Again, the Bluetooth-enabled device helps you navigate and connect to multiple channels. 

The Bluetooth technology improves the remote experience as it can work even if the box is out of sight. The smart remote still features voice commands that assist you in navigating the remote with Google assistant. However, just like any Bluetooth device, the remote sometimes get issues. Below are some easy hacks to diagnose and fix your remote control. 

What Does Altice Remote Blinking Mean?

If you encounter a situation where your Altice remote is blinking, then you might be confused about the reason. The first thing you would think is why is my Altice remote blinking constantly. The LED light on your remote also known as “status lights” indicates an issue with the transmission of signals. If you see your Altice remote blinking, then it means the feature of your remote is out of order.

What Does Altice Remote Blinking Mean

Having an obstacle between your remote and the TV may prevent the transmission of infrared signals. Your remote will be blinking abruptly but the operation doesn’t work. Also, using old, damaged, and misplaced batteries are also the reasons for an Altice remote blinking. These are all the common reasons why your remote may blink. Now, read below to fix the problem.

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How To Fix Optimum Altice Remote Blinking

Optimum Altice remote is another featured product offered by Optimum services. Unlike other remotes, these Altice remotes work with in-built Bluetooth. These remotes need not be pointed to the Optimum box to operate. You can operate the TV functions sitting anywhere.

Sometimes, these Altice remotes blinking white lights issue occurs. Due to the blinking of remotes, the TV response becomes very slow and you can’t efficiently operate the functions on the TV. Without worrying much about this issue, start trying the fixes given below.

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Restart The Altice Box

Since we know that the Altice box and remote connects to each other with the transmission of Bluetooth, the blinking of the remote can be most probably occurring due to Bluetooth signal issues. Therefore, restarting the Altice box services can hopefully fix the problem.

  • Turn off the Altice box and unplug the cord from the source.
  • Wait for at least 1 minute and plug the cord back in.
  • Turn on the power supply and try to use the remote.
  • The Altice Remote Blinking issue will be resolved most probably.

ReInsert The Batteries

Sometimes, there is no big reason why your Altice remote blinking state occurs. The batteries may have got misplaced or are not inserted properly. If any kid at your home accidentally dropped the remote on the ground, then it can also lead to issues with your remote. Therefore, reinserting is one of the best options.

  • Altice one remote blinking
  • Remove the batteries from the remote temporarily.
  • Keep them aside for a few seconds and place them back in the remote properly.

Change The Altice One Batteries

In some cases, the batteries may run out of life if you use normal batteries. In such cases, you have to replace the old batteries with new ones. And if you use chargeable batteries, then make sure that you charge them on time to avoid such issues. Even chargeable batteries go bad after a period, therefore try to use new batteries.

Press 7 And 9 On Altice One Remote Blinking

There is no exact reason known why this fix works but many users on the internet have confirmed that pressing 7 and 9 buttons on the Altice One remote for 5 seconds or more have fixed the issue magically. So, we would suggest trying the same for you too.

  • Press on the “Home” button on your Altice remote to go to the “Settings”.
  • Now, select the “Preference” option and then go to “Pair Remote Control”.
  • Press the 7 and 9 buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds.
  • Check if the remote is working properly and the blinking is gone.

Reset Altice Box Settings

If you are still unable to resolve the Altice Remote blinking and not working issue, then you can try to reset the Altice box settings to their default settings. This can get rid of any setting issues and can in turn get rid of the blinking state of the remote. Here is how to reset Altice box settings.

  • First of all, you have to find the reset button on your Altice box.
  • At the backside of your box, you can locate the reset button.
  • Press the reset button until the box shows lights and turns on.
  • Now, try to use the remote and check if the blinking lights still appear.

Factory Reset Your TV Box

Factory resetting your Altice box should be the last troubleshooting option to try. Note that factory reset will clear all prior saved data on your Altice box. So, you will need to complete the configuration process again after the factory reset process is complete. Follow the steps below to

  • Check the back of the Altice box to find the reset button.
  • Press and hold the ‘Reset button’ for 15 seconds.
  • Release the reset button after the links on your Altice one box blinks and the box turns on.
  • Follow the pairing steps listed earlier to pair the remote again to the Altice box.

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Order For A Replacement Remote Control

If you’ve tried all the hacks mentioned earlier and the remote control is still blinking, it could be that the remote is damaged. The best option is to order a replacement remote control. Contact Optimum via their website and order a replacement remote. You may have to explain the issue you’re having with your current Altice one remote for them to send you a replacement remote.

Visit Optimum Store Near You

Optimum has local stores in several locations. Each store location has qualified service technicians who can diagnose and fix issues with Optimum equipment. If you’re having issues with the Altice box or remote control, you can simply take it to any of the Optimum stores near you and get it fixed.

Use the Optimum store locator here to find the Optimum store closest to you. Take both the remote control and TV box along with it. They may end up giving you a replacement for the ones returned.

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