How ERP helps businesses better than QuickBooks and shopify with inventories?

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16 November 2023

There is no doubt that many small businesses use QuickBooks and Shopify applications for accounting and online sales configurations. However, these systems work seamlessly with single-handed dashboards to manage online transactions in a limited manner. So, when it comes to handling unified tasks of inventory management for growing businesses, these applications come with limitations. Therefore, mishandled inventory management can lead to dreaded stockouts and wrong stock reporting. ERP by The GuruWay is a software that delivers seamless integration beyond QuickBooks and Shopify. This is a robust tool; hence, check how it is better for inventory management.

Capable of tracking inventory for multiple locations

With the expansion of business, you might need to manage more than one warehouse. In such an instance, QB can only help you with managing inventory for a single location. Thus, you can’t be able to track inventories across multiple store locations. Therefore, it’s time to upgrade from QuickBooks and Shopify to have efficient inventory control. ERP software is an advanced cloud system you can run to track inventory for multiple warehouse locations. Therefore, from a single office or branch, you can track inventory without any glitches.

Synchronizing stock for multiple locations

Although QB can work to update stock quantities across different products. However, when it comes to updating stock for multiple locations in real-time, it has a limitation. Therefore, getting updated stock for multiple sales channels is difficult. Instead, you have to update the stock manually, which is a time-consuming task. ERP is better than QuickBooks and Shopify combined as it can synchronize the stock in real-time for multiple sales locations. As the product is sold, the ERP system can track its code and deduct it from the stock to update new records. Hence, it lets you know what stock is available and won’t make accounting troublesome.

Dodge the dependency on spreadsheets.

Inventory is probably your biggest expense, and managing it right is imperative to compute profits and costs. Unfortunately, QB and Shopify are not intended for managing inventories. Therefore, you might have to depend on long Excel spreadsheets, which is, again, time-consuming. Also, it comes with an improved risk of human errors, which can obstruct operations and increase costs. So, it is good to upgrade from QuickBooks and Shopify with ERP software. It can update data within your e-commerce system since there is no need to maintain spreadsheets and no room for human errors.

Comprehensive reporting

QB is only capable of providing reporting with financial transactions of your business. However, it is unable to provide deep insights into the business by presenting reporting for inventory, invoicing, CRM, etc. Therefore, ERP is considered better than QuickBooks and Shopify combined to provide in-depth reporting of business transactions. It can curate comprehensive reports that give you insights into making useful business decisions. As an example, you can decide which stock needs to be re-ordered and which needs to be discontinued, depending on the sales figures and profits.

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