How Can Order Pickers Increase the Effectiveness of My Warehouse?

How Can Order Pickers Increase the Effectiveness of My Warehouse?
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Warehouses have diverse materials, whether small, large, wide, narrow, electric or manual. They are all confined to specific uses depending on their features. Warehouse order pickers are simpler forklifts commonly found in warehouses, distribution centres and retail stores. They are narrower, with forks that can load and unload items on racks. They are more efficient than other machines since their forks can directly pick orders without needing pallets.

Below is more on order pickers increasing warehouse effectiveness.

Order Pickers for All Warehouse Needs

Order pickers come in various sizes that can suffice all business needs, whether in warehouses or distribution centres. The variety of order pickers allows for the management of warehouse processes to maximize efficiency and productivity in the long run.

Some of the ways order pickers increase effectiveness include:

  1. Safe Picking of Orders from Higher Racks

As businesses grow, warehouses build more storage space upwards by adding mezzanine floors and racks. With such a rise in demand, it is only sensible to have the appropriate materials, products, and parts.

Warehouse order pickers are built specifically for retrieval of goods in higher located racks regardless of height. They can also access various types of products, including bulky ones. The Godrej Crown SP 3500 series can extend to 9.6 meters higher, lifting 1.25 tonnes. The order picker also has better visibility, allowing the driver to traverse the warehouse floor with a full view of the inventory.

  1. Higher Traveling Speeds

The smooth running of warehouse activities relies on the speedy movement of goods up and down the racks. Having equipment that accelerates order retrieval is ideal for shortening operation time. As a result, the company can enjoy higher profits by handling more loads quickly.

Considering order pickers can travel at a speed of over 10 kilometers per hour, they can ensure all warehouse operations run on schedule. Equipment capable of expediting the rate of picking orders for both large and small warehouses helps increase profit.

  1. Modular Components for All Warehouse Needs

Forklift companies in India build order pickers that fit all warehouse and distribution centre needs. Warehouses can choose equipment based on the additional elements they require. Modular sensors, mirrors and heavy-duty masts perform uniquely in different warehouse setups.

Some also have automatic braking systems for maximum safety in the warehouse space. The stronger masts ensure that the machine does not wobble or lose control when loading and unloading the racks.

  1. Ergonomic Designs for Maximum Comfort

For order pickers operating over longer shifts, ergonomics are crucial for driver safety. Physical injuries increase downtime due to driver absence and sick leaves. The company’s revenues might dip due to compensations. With an ergonomic order picker, drivers are safe from physical injury since they seldom perform strenuous tasks.

The low entry heights minimize strain on the lower back and legs for more accessibility in picking orders. The intuitive controls are easier to reach in case of an emergency so that drivers can respond to issues quickly.

  1. Smaller Footprint for Narrower Isles

Smaller warehouses need help finding the right equipment considering most are wider and heavier. Even this equipment must operate in shifts, which may slow warehouse efficiency. Therefore, finding machinery that operates in narrower spaces is ideal for maximum productivity. 

Besides very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks, order pickers come second in streamlining operations. They are only a few feet wide and can easily maneuver narrower aisles without colliding with the rack beams or other equipment. Their small footprint also makes them easier to store.

  1. Palletless Material Handling to Save Time

The basic function of most warehouse material handling equipment is to load and unload palletized items. Loading items on pallets before placing and storing them on racks is a time-consuming process. Warehouse order pickers allow operators to collect items directly from storage without pallets. Regardless of height, they reach higher racks which offer more convenience by making the process of picking orders faster.

Order pickers can easily function as replacements for large forklifts. This equipment will suffice for daily operations in a warehouse that handles smaller items. Electric pickers have stronger batteries that can run for long shifts without dying down. These machines have built-in safety features that alert in case a battery gets completely drained out, to recharge the same timely. Any warehouse struggling to streamline operations should hence consider an order picker.

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