House Rewiring: System, Benefits and Reason you Need House Rewiring

House Rewiring: System, Benefits and Reason you Need House Rewiring
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Rewiring a House

Whether you are moving to a new property or living for many years in the existing one, the safety of your electronics should be a priority. Wiring, in particular, causes most hazards if left to deteriorate. Though rewiring a house should be considered every 25 years, the advised time frame is not as frequent as it seems. Therefore, many signs and indications should be considered to keep the house safe from mishaps.

A Complex System Explained

The wiring in a whole house is a complex system that runs inside the walls. It is in control of powering the whole appliances, lighting and equipment and other electrical installations. And if something is wrong, you will probably notice. But filing to replace any failing wiring can cause serious fire hazards in your home.

If your house is facing any of these issues, the best solution is to contact Electrical Rewiring Services, as only professionals and trained electricians can handle jobs of this nature.

Benefits of House Rewiring

As mentioned above, safety should be the priority; there are many advantages of rewiring a house which includes the following.

Safety:  it is crucial for the safety of you and your family that the wiring is UpToDate and checked frequently. Old wiring does fail with time and can easily cause fires if not replaced. House rewiring means that not only you or your family but electronic appliances and devices will be better protected. 

Adds Value to Property: There are many ways to increase the value of your property, in a case by thousands, and one of them is proper house wiring. If you have an old electric system, this will not attract many potential buyers. Choosing to rewire before putting your house on the market will boost its value, meaning less expensive to worry about for the buyer, and you will get the asking price easily.

Save money on energy bills: faulty rewiring can consume a lot and impact your energy bills. Complex rewiring is best known for leaking electricity, meaning more power than you need is being forced out of the unit. This will all impact your bills, and you will be paying for the electricity that you were not necessarily using. 

Reduce the chance of losing electricity: suppose you just started to work from home, and the power keeps going out; nothing is more frustrating than that. This situation can be occurred by several things, such as power line damage or lightning strikes; yet, most power surges happen due to damaged electric wiring. Furthermore, faulty wiring cannot bear overload, leaving you with a blackout.

Avoid appliances from malfunctioning: if ignored, faulty wiring begins to affect your appliances. As a homeowner, we all use appliances to carry out daily tasks. And if these are damaged, it can cost you thousands of pounds in maintenance and repairs. This usually happens because broken wiring cannot distribute power evenly, resulting in an overload.    

Convenience: house rewiring is the best idea when extending or customising your home. For instance, you can install a switchboard or light switches at the top or bottom of the staircase, a motion sensor lighting, a dimmer switch or outdoor Lighting Installations to transform your living.

Does Your House Need Rewiring

As with other appliances, house wiring also becomes outdated, indicating that replacement is required. If you notice any of the following signs, it is crucial to contact a professional electrician.

  • Fuses and circuits and blowing regularly
  • The smell of burning from sockets
  • Strange noises, such as crackling, sizzling or buzzing
  • Every bulb and light are constantly flickering
  • Wiring designed with rubber, fabric cabling insulation or lead
  • Brown or black spots around electrical sockets or switch plates
  • Outdated fuse boxes
  • Cracked, cut of broken insulation
  • Electric shock when you plug in or touch a cord

Other important reasons to check if your house needs rewiring

It is always a good idea to call a skilled electrician if you notice any electrical hazard signs, as these common signs should always be inspected by a professional.  

  • If your home is more than 35 years old
  • If you are frequently using extension cords for power
  • If you have installed a major appliance that could overload your existing system.
  • If your house has two-prong outlets
  • If your home has aluminium instead of copper wiring
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