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06 January 2023

"Terminal: This is the Ghost City Cemetery Station. Please take your belongings and get ready to get off." Song Sinian, who was frightened by acrophobia all the way, walked to the front door with an expressionless face, narrowed his eyes and stared at the driver. That pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes dim turn, do not know what is not suitable for children to think of violent scenes. The driver is stared at so that one shivers, reaction comes over to turn a head cautiously immediately to ask: "The adult still has a thing?" This is your first visit to the ghost market. Do you need a guide? The kind of one-stop service for eating, living and shopping. Seeing that the ghost had a good attitude of introspection, Song Sinian was not prepared to haggle with him. I can't afford it if I have no money. With that, Song Sinian turned around and got out of the car. The driver was relieved. Unexpectedly, just half a minute later, Song Sinian reappeared in front of him. "You are a part-time tour guide?" “…… Ah As soon as the driver was confused, under Song Sinian's increasingly dangerous eyes, his desire to survive made him nod quickly, "Ah, ah, right, right,stainless steel tube 304, I am part-time!" Song Sinian hooked his lips and grabbed the driver's back collar. "It's just right. Come on, get off with me." The driver only felt a flash in front of his eyes, and he was carried out of the car with the ghost clothes. At the same time, he heard the ghost, who was young and comely, but whose ghost breath made him want to wet his pants when he raised his hand, open his mouth gently behind him. "If you have no money now,Precision steel tubes, you will owe it first, and someone will pay you when you get to the place." All right, you lead the way, take me to the ghost market first, any gate, close to it. The driver wanted to cry without tears: "It is my honor to serve adults. Talking about money hurts feelings. Adults, please go this way." The driver and part-time tour guide led Song Sinian into the cemetery outside the bus and walked all the way to a highland in the center. On the high ground stood an ordinary stone tablet, which, to the naked eye, was no different from the other tombstones in the cemetery, engraved with the names and surnames of the deceased, but in the eyes of Song Sinian and other ghosts, side impact door beams ,beam impact tubes, there were two vertical lines of characters on the stone tablet: Left: East Gate entrance of Ghost Market. Right: This billboard invites investment in good faith. Song Sinian: "........." What the hell is this?? "Your Excellency, you can stand here with me." The driver and guide stood in the open space in front of the stone tablet, which had drawn a circle with ghost power, and motioned to Song Sinian with great trepidation. Song Sinian nodded and stepped forward into the circle. As soon as the driver and tour guide reached out their hands and patted the tombstone, Song Sinian felt empty at his feet and black in front of his eyes. When it lit up again, he had a completely different picture in front of him. The sky is still a dark curtain. But under the curtain, numerous tall buildings and lights rise from the ground, dazzling; the streets are crowded with stalls, ghosts come and go, bustling.. It was exactly like the bustling city of Kyoto that he had known for hundreds of years. The noise came from all directions, and compared with the quiet and silent cemetery a few seconds ago, it seemed like a lifetime ago. It's really a lifetime ago. Song Sinian re-solidified the focus of the emptiness, and his eyes swept around and finally fell back. With a jump in his eyes, he said strangely, "In this ghost market, it seems to be like a large solid soul bead. All the ghosts are ordinary people.". And I seem to feel the breath of a ghost hunter. The driver and the guide said, "Your Excellency, you don't know that as early as when the Ghost Hunters Alliance was established, they had already opened branch clubs in ghost markets all over the country." Song Sinian looked strange: "The ghost hunter.." Move into a ghost market? The driver and the tour guide smiled awkwardly: "You know, this ghost hunter is only aimed at evil spirits, and the trade between ghosts and them is naturally not disturbed." "Even if you are not disturbed, don't you feel uncomfortable when you look at the five words'Ghost Hunters Alliance '?" "Well.." In fact, the Alliance of Ghost Hunters is just a general term for ordinary people. It is not called this name in the ghost market and between ghosts. "What is that called?" “……” The driver and guide reached out and pointed to the two men. It was a grand gatehouse, though not tall, decorated in a magnificent manner, with a large sign on the right, which was also inlaid with Phnom Penh. People and ghosts build a harmonious society management department. Song Sinian: "........." It's really harmonious. Driver guide: "But the ghost hunters usually don't say that when they announce themselves." Song Sinian: "If I were you, I wouldn't say anything. After all, I'm shameless." Driver Guide: "… … …" Song Sinian took a look at the big sign in disgust and walked over with an "out of sight" face. —— After seeing the attitude shown by the Ghost Hunters Alliance in Fang Zheng's incident, he had no good impression of the Ghost Hunters Alliance. "Are you going somewhere, sir, or are you going to buy something?" Asked the driver and the guide. "I'm here to pay my debts." Song Sinian asked the address information from the old tree and signed up, "You take me to a place called Lou." Have you ever heard of such a place? When the driver and the tour guide heard this, they couldn't help smiling bitterly: "I've been driving a ghost market bus for a few years, and I don't even know where the building is." Song Sinian flew a glance, "have you been driving like this these years?"? Haven't been laid off by complaint?.. Now the temper of these young ghosts is getting better and better. Driver Guide: "…" A few minutes later, Song Sinian was led by the driver's guide to what looked like the busiest street crossing. My Lord, here we are. Song Sinian looked complicatedly at the busiest Avenue in front of him, and then looked at the row of small stalls next to him: "Don't tell me that this small stall is the'building '?" The old man behind the stall grinned at Song Sinian, and his mouth without his front teeth looked like a ride. Song Sinian could not bear to turn his face away. Listen to the driver guide on the side to say amazedly however: "Adult you are joking,side impact beams, here--" The other side compared the busy Avenue in front of him, which could not be seen at a glance, and said: "This whole street is full of'building 'shops." “……” Song Sinian's movements froze. cbiesautomotive.com

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