Ghost Blows Out the Lamp II 03 Nu Qing Xiangxi

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12 January 2023

The inclined mountain body of Pingshan Mountain formed an angle with the ground, during which the vines hung upside down and the water murmured. The angle between the mountain body and the ground gradually narrowed with the contraction of the inclined stone wall above. The sunshine was blocked by the clouds and mists of the mountain body, and the bottom of the mountain was like night. Although the partridge whistle does not understand geomantic omen, he is ingenious and has the ability to observe mud and distinguish soil. There is no sunshine in the big crevice at the bottom of the mountain for thousands of years. It is a shady place, but it is densely covered with vines, which shows that the root of the mountain is not all rocks. Digging from the dead corner at the bottom of the mountain is definitely more labor-saving than digging from the top down. They discussed on the spot and decided to move the mountain and unload the ridge. The soldiers were divided into two groups. Blind Chen and Luo Laowei led the engineering battalion to bury gun holes on the ridge and blast stones to dig the tomb passage, while the partridge sentry led the people who moved the mountain and a group of thieves who unloaded the ridge to look for the entrance from the bottom of the mountain. There are enough people to enter the mountain this time, so we should take a two-pronged approach. No matter which way we succeed, we will get the treasure in the ancient tomb of Pingshan. A large number of live chickens collected were given to blind Chen for use, and these roosters were enough to drive away the poisonous insects in the tomb. The cocks crowing all over the mountains and plains made the poisonous fog in the crevices of the bottle mountain disappear completely. The centipedes, big and small, seemed to know that there was a nemesis in the mountains. They all hid in the depths of the roots of the crevices. Where did they dare to breathe poison. Chen blind man all the way, immediately busy to smell the hole, digging holes, press not to mention. The only Nu Qing chicken was carried by the partridge whistle, and in addition to the other two moving mountain Taoist Hua Ling and the old foreigner who followed him, there were more than a dozen Xieling thieves led by the Red Girl. When he was ready, he turned to the back hill. It was not so easy to get to the bottom of the hill. From the mountain pass to the bottom of the hill, there were all steep rocks. There was no way to get through. He had to go down from the top of the steep hill. From top to bottom, although there are also dangerous paths to climb, but almost all of them are straight up and down cliffs and dangerous rocks, the timid look down will feel the calf muscle. The partridge sentry and other mountain-moving Taoist priests were all highly skilled and bold, and a group of brothers led by the red girl were also good at winning the mountain. They used the centipede to hang the mountain ladder to climb down the dangerous path of the cliff without any effort. The partridge whistle looked at the centipede hanging on the mountain ladder. Although the structure was simple, it was a unique grave robbery instrument with great effect. I couldn't help admiring this set of things handed down by the group of thieves. A group of people, like apes,x56 line pipe, climbed the ladder and went down to the bottom of the mountain. Looking up, they saw the shoulders and mouths of the bottles hanging high above their heads. From a distance, apart from the beautiful and precipitous mountain, you won't feel anything terrible. When you really get to the bottom of the mountain, you can see that this bluestone mountain is towering and solemn, and tens of millions of huge rocks are hanging obliquely in the air. I don't know that it has been tens of thousands of years. If the mountain suddenly collapsed, all the people below would be smashed to pieces, and even the immortals could not dodge. Although the thieves were bold, they could see that the mountain was really dangerous, and their breathing could not help becoming heavy. After a few more steps, the drops of water seeping from the rocks fell on their heads. The water was so cold that they had to wear bamboo hats, put on coir raincoats, 316 stainless steel plate ,x70 line pipe, carry lanterns, and push aside the vines in front of them from time to time. They walked very slowly. The rocks overhead were getting lower and lower, and the gloomy moisture around them was particularly heavy, which made the thieves feel depressed. Hundreds of steps, the front is a pool formed by rainwater accumulation in the mountains, because it has been soaked by Yin water all the year round, the ground has sunk a piece. The water is very deep, the surface of the water is full of duckweed, which is rippled by dripping water, and there are many long vines hanging in the water. The partridge whistle saw that the bottom of the mountain was really a hole in the sky, which confirmed his previous judgment more and more. But the place was deep and closed, and the water was deep. If he wanted to continue to go inside, he had to climb the vine. Such means could be used by the partridge whistle, but the rest of the people might not be able to do it. Was it difficult to swim in the bitter cold water? Think of here, can not help but frown slightly. The red girl saw what he meant and asked her men to put the centipede hanging on the mountain ladder into a mesh. The bamboo tube was hollow and had great buoyancy, so it could be used as a bamboo raft for crossing the water. The partridge whistle nodded his head and immediately stepped on the raft made of bamboo ladders, picked up the lantern to illuminate, saw the direction, and ordered the people to paddle forward, and the three rafts sailed to the center of the pool. In the middle of the water, the red girl was in front of the bamboo raft. She heard that there seemed to be countless wriggling things in the darkness. Although she was also a person with excellent eyesight, she was not as good as blind man Chen, who was born with adventures and had night eyes in the tomb. In such a dark place, she could not see very clearly. She had seen with her own eyes this bottle of poison that had been hidden and shaped in the mountains. She expected that there would be something different in front of her. She quickly took out three throwing knives and stared at the front intently. Once something came out, she would nail it a few times by means of the Moon Gate. The partridge whistle had long been aware of it, but he was experienced enough to distinguish it carefully with his ears. As the raft moved forward, the movement ahead became louder and louder, as if a group of rats were biting each other, and the number of them could not be heard. With a sudden flash of thought in his heart, he shouted "bend low" and hurriedly pressed the flower spirit beside him to lie on the bamboo raft. The red girl and others were stunned and quickly bent down. Then there was a rumbling noise, and countless bats flew out of the rock wall in front of them, like a black tornado, flying outside between the narrow rock wall and the water. Because there were so many of them, and they were frightened to fly out, many of them were pushed into the water by their companions, or hit their heads on the stone walls and vines, and sent out a tragic neigh, which echoed repeatedly at the bottom of the mountain. On the bamboo raft, there was a gang of robbers who were a little slow to react and were wrapped up by numerous bats. The bat did not intend to hurt people, but after being frightened, it subconsciously bit something to protect itself. Its claws were also very sharp,uns c68700, and it could bring down a large piece of flesh with it. It could not allow the man to resist the struggle. In an instant, the flesh on his body was torn away, leaving a bloody skeleton falling into the water. His screams before he died echoed on the rock wall.

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