FSSC 22000: Your Journey to Food Safety System Certification

FSSC 22000: Your Journey to Food Safety System Certification
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11 December 2023

If you want to raise your food safety management system to the highest international standards, FSSC 22000 accreditation could be the answer.

FSSC stands for Food Safety System Certification. It is an internationally recognised accreditation meant to assure food safety throughout your entire food supply chain. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognises FSSC 22000. The FSSC 22000 standard specifies production and management practices to assure consistency, transparency, and safety throughout the whole supply chain. The guideline applies to all companies in the food and beverage industry, from growers to retailers.

By completing the requirements and gaining FSSC 22000 certification, you demonstrate that your organisation satisfies food quality regulations and implements processes to manage and decrease the risks posed by food fraud, foodborne disease, and costly recalls.

What is the Current Version of FSSC?

FSSC version 6 is current. However, there is a 12-month transition period between versions, and firms who are already certified to Version 5.1 have until April 1, 2024, to prepare; beyond that date, all FSSC 22000 audits will be conducted against Version 6 criteria. 

However, FSSC advises auditing to Version 6 as soon as practicable.

Who Is the FSSC 22000 Standard Intended For?

The FSSC 22000 standards apply to any food sector organisation, including the following:

  • Farmers
  • Manufacturers
  • Transporters
  • Packagers
  • Retailers

Every level of the supply chain benefits from enhanced consistency and transparency, guaranteeing that a quality product reaches the final consumer.

What is Covered by FSSC 22000? 

FSSC 22000 is intended to be comprehensive, incorporating all aspects of the food and beverage supply chain to assure end-to-end safety. It covers the following topics:

  • Animal products such as meat, milk, eggs, and honey are produced on farms.
  • Fish and other seafood farming
  • Plant, animal, and combination perishable items are processed.
  • Product processing with a long shelf life
  • Pet food production
  • Catering
  • Both retail and wholesale are available.
  • Food and feed transportation and storage, both perishable and non-perishable
  • Food packaging material manufacturing
  • Biochemical manufacturing

What are the Components of FSSC?

FSSC 22000 certification is made up of three major stages.

ISO 22000, offers a uniform risk management structure across all aspects of your supply chain.

Pre-Requisite Program, which is available in four different categories to fulfil the demands of your industry: food processing, catering, farming, and food package manufacture.

ISO 9001 Quality Module, management criteria that help assure consistent quality in your products.

The Advantages of Choosing the FSSC 22000

Because of the back-to-back approach, FSSC 22000 certification provides a lot of advantages, including:

  • Superior Risk Management
  1. Utilises time-tested risk management tools.
  2. Reduces the possibility of systemic food safety issues.
  3. Ensures constant monitoring in response to industry developments and difficulties.
  • Increased Customer Retention
  1. Shows a dedication to consistent, high-quality food safety standards.
  2. Increases consumer trust by adhering to an internationally recognised food safety management strategy.
  3. Increases consumer confidence in the safety and quality of your products.
  • Increased Market Capacity
  1. Increases business potential with worldwide customers who require FSSC 22000 accreditation.
  2. Access to major retailers, manufacturers, and processors.
  3. Increases trust with a broader group of customers, leading to market expansion.
  • Save the Time and Resources
  1. A standardised food safety management framework improves efficiency.
  2. Simplifies the examination of potential food safety events.
  3. Allows for a speedier examination of safety processes, allowing for a faster return to production.

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