From Newton To Feynman: How Legendary Scientists Used Calculus

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Do you know how calculus fits into your world? There was a time when we knew nothing compared to what we know today. And guess what tool did scientists use to solve these puzzles? It was calculus! Today we’re going to look into stories of four geniuses who used calculus to crack some of these puzzles. After reading this, you’ll think twice before skipping online calculus tutor classes.

Newton and His Apple

First, you have Sir Isaac Newton. You've probably heard the apple story, right? Well, there's so much more to it. Newton used calculus to understand why things fall and how planets move. He figured out that the same force pulling apples to the ground keeps the moon in orbit.

Euler's Fluid World

Now, meet Leonhard Euler. This guy was fascinated by how things like water and airflow. Think about how blood moves in your body or how planes fly. That's the stuff Euler studied. He used calculus to write down rules that explain how fluids behave. His ideas help us design everything from cars to weather forecasts.

Sophie Germain's Bending and Twisting

Have you heard of Marie-Sophie Germain? She was a mathematical rockstar. Germain was studying materials bend and stretch. And she used calculus to study things like how buildings stand up and bridges don’t fall. Her work helps architects and engineers create safe, amazing structures. You can say that she taught us how to make buildings that do not fall over in the wind!

Feynman's Quantum Party

Finally, let's talk about Richard Feynman. He was a physicist who loved to play the bongos and think about tiny particles. Feynman used calculus to explore the strange world of quantum physics. He was the man who figured out how these tiny bits of matter interact and behave. Thanks to him, we have tech like computers and MRI machines.

Now you can use calculus to know why the stars shine to how your phone works. It is like the language of our universe. Maybe you can start now with the help of a pre calculus tutor. One day you’ll use it to solve a big mystery too!

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