Frequent L4M7 Updates | CIPS L4M7 New Dumps Free

Frequent L4M7 Updates | CIPS L4M7 New Dumps Free
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01 December 2022

CIPS L4M7 Frequent Updates In the fast-developing industry, more and more technology and knowledge are needed and has been the selection factors in the interview, They have been prepared utilizing the best available sources and are tested and approved by the veteran PrepAwayTest L4M7 New Dumps Free experts, Our latest training materials and test questions will surely give you all want for L4M7 New Dumps Free - CIPS Whole Life Asset Management pass test guaranteed.

For example, my application might depend on some static L4M7 New Dumps Free content, a database, and some services provided by other systems, Creating and Working with Child Layers.

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XYZ Inc opens a tender to purchase new forklift trucks for their new established warehouse. In the final round, there are two suppliers remain who offer two different bids. Supplier A's bid has high initial investment. After calculating the net present value, the NPV in year five is positive. On the other hand, supplier B's bid has low purchase price, with the NPV in year five is negative. If the NPV is the sole selection criterion, XYZ Inc should select the bid which has...?

  • A. Positive NPV
  • B. Negative NPV
  • C. The lowest NPV
  • D. Zero NPV

Answer: A

Net present value (NPV) is the 'today' net value that deprives from 'future' cash flow of an invest-ment or a capital purchase. Net Present Value is a helpful tool for assessing the total lifetime value of an investment. Procurement professionals or investors can base on this value to make decision to achieve value for money. Generally, an organisation should select the offer which has the highest NPV among their options. Preferably, the NPV of an capital investment should be positive, which means the investment eventually adds value to the business.
LO 3, AC 3.2

Manufacturing resources planning (MRP II) was developed from material requirement planning (MRP). Which of the following is the additional input that is available in MRP II but does not ap-pear in MRP?

  • A. Bill of materials
  • B. Finance
  • C. Inventory records
  • D. Master production schedule

Answer: B

MRP I was some of the first business software to be widely adopted during the 1970s. Manufacturers sought these systems in order to improve efficiency and accuracy when it came to basic processes such as production scheduling and inventory management.
By the 1980s, manufacturers realized they needed software that could also tie into their accounting systems and forecast inventory requirements. Enter MRP II, which included these integrations in addition to all the capabilities offered by MRP I. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software features-which we'll cover later on-are included in the following table for comparison.
Frequent L4M7 Updates | CIPS L4M7 New Dumps Free
- MRP vs. MRP II: What's the Difference?
- CIPS study guide page 118-119
LO 2, AC 2.3

A brewery sells its beer in aluminum cans. It recycles the cans by using contractors to collect and mold the used cans. This is an example of...?

  • A. Carbon recycling
  • B. Closed-loop recycling
  • C. Open-loop recycling
  • D. Reuse

Answer: B

There are two main processes of recycling - open loop recycling and closed loop recycling.
Open Loop Recycling
Open loop recycling is a method that delays disposal by converting manufactured goods and spent materials into both new raw materials, which can be used for a manufacturing purpose, as a fuel source for a different manufacturing process and waste products.
Typically, materials recycled through open-loop recycling will be used for purposes different from their original purpose.
This means that the input into the recycling process is converted to a new raw material, which can be used as an input into another manufacturing process.
Materials in an open loop recycling process are treated using various forms of treatment including heat, chemical reactions, or physical crushing.
Closed Loop Recycling
Closed loop recycling is a process where waste is collected, recycled and then used again to make the same product it came from. This process is restorative and regenerative by design and aims to keep materials at their highest utility and value always.
Closed loop recycling is focused on resource sustainability, which means that recycling of a material can be done indefinitely without degradation of properties. In this case, conversion of the used product back to raw material allows repeated making of the same product, which helps hazardous waste generators reduce carbon footprint and achieve corporate sustainability initiatives.
Closed-loop recycling is common in specialized industries, such as the computer and battery industries, which use expensive or complex goods that cannot easily be broken down post-consumption into constituent materials.
A prime example of a closed-loop recycling process is the recycling of aluminum cans. Aluminum can be recycled to form new cans with little material degradation or waste creation.
- Open Loop Vs Closed Loop Recycling
- CIPS study guide page 203
LO 3, AC 3.3

A manufacturer aims at increasing the service levels to 99% from 97% through expanding the safety stock. Safety stock can be used to accommodate which of the following?
1. Variability of stock turn
2. Variability of holding costs
3. Variability of demand
4. Variability of lead time

  • A. 3 and 4 only
  • B. 2 and 4 only
  • C. 1 and 2 only
  • D. 1 and 3 only

Answer: A

Safety stock is also known as buffer stock. As this name suggests, this type of stock provides some kind of 'buffer', which means safety stock will help the business to reduce the shocks induced by volatile demand or disruption on the supply chain. In other words, safety stock will reduces the probability of stockouts. The following graph would explain the reason why an organisation should have safety stock:
Frequent L4M7 Updates | CIPS L4M7 New Dumps Free
Figure 1: Safety stock graph
As it is only the buffer against uncertainty, safety stock level should be equal to the deviation of demand or replenishment time. Safety stock should be able to accommodate variance of demand and variance of lead time.
- Safety stock explained
- CIPS study guide page 84-86
LO 2, AC 2.1


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