Foolproof Pool Plaster Alternative for A Rich Finish

Foolproof Pool Plaster Alternative for A Rich Finish

Swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide a great way to cool off during hot days and can be the perfect addition to any backyard. When it comes to pool design, one of the most important factors to consider is the finish. The pool plaster and pool finishes can make all the difference in the look and feel of your pool. 

Microplaster has proved to be one of the few pool plaster alternatives that offer efficiency and visual appeal on a budget! Designed with the science of micro-ceramics, this proprietary product has changed the world of pool plastering and resurfacing, creating the most aesthetically pleasing waterproof surfaces. 

SKIN Microplaster can protect your pool - and any other surface prone to water permeability and damage - more effectively than traditional Portland cement-based plaster at a more affordable price than a tile or aggregate plaster finish.

Let’s dig into why you should consider ditching conventional pool surfacing methods!

The Pool Plaster Alternative that Never Fails

There are three main reasons why an in-ground concrete swimming pool needs to be waterproofed. First and foremost, water penetration into the concrete and chemical contamination over time cause deterioration; cracks and crevices will occur, affecting the strength and durability of your pool’s foundations. 

Secondly, without a waterproof and impenetrable barrier, you will notice the ingress of contaminants, such as soil, debris, and chemicals, into the pool water, which can affect the water quality and make it unsafe for swimming.

Lastly, gradual water penetration will eventually turn into massive leakages that increase energy costs associated with water treatment, heating, and pumping. You will have to pay a hefty amount to correct the leakages and make your pool properly functional. 

If you think that regular pool plaster or epoxy resin can address all these concerns, you would be wrong. They do not provide comprehensive waterproofing solutions, and their effectiveness reduces rapidly. If you have plaster finishes, you will need pool repair and resurfacing services as frequently as 3-4 years, whereas the best alternative to replastering a pool will last you for nearly a decade before you need your pool resurfaced.

Presently, the only alternative available that can address every issue associated with an in-ground concrete swimming pool is SKIN Microplaster, a waterproof proprietary micro-ceramic and epoxy admixture that offers unmatched efficiency without compromising on the aesthetics!

Protecting Your Pool and Your Investment with Microplaster

SKIN Microplaster is made with the science of Basecrete - a proprietary waterproof bond coat that creates a solid waterproof barrier around any surface and is resistant to most corrosive elements. In a similar fashion, the microplaster adheres to the pool surface like armor or second skin, creating a waterproof barrier. 

But the benefits of microplaster are not limited to just restricting water penetration into the concrete and the ground below. 

Swimming pools - without a proper barrier - are vulnerable to water pressure and its subsequent damage. Negative (groundwater) and positive (water inside the pool) water pressure create instability that can adversely affect your pool’s foundations. An impenetrable waterproof barrier established by the microplaster significantly reduces the impact of water pressure on the pool’s surface.

With SKIN Microplaster, you don’t have to worry about chemical corrosion. This problem occurs when your pool's surface is not waterproofed, and the water inside the pool gets in contact with the concrete. Too high or too low pH levels in the water can cause the concrete to become pitted and degraded. 

Over time, chemical corrosion can cause cracks and chips in the concrete, through which the water can leak out. It will adversely impact the health, stability, and longevity of your structure, but SKIN Microplaster can take care of all of these concerns, unlike other pool plaster alternatives.

Whether you have a new pool under construction or an old pool that needs resurfacing, SKIN Microplaster goes over every surface smoothly, even if it is wet. With easy application and minimal usage of products, you will find SKIN to be highly cost-effective.

Therefore, if you waterproof your new or old pool with microplaster, you can save money that you would have otherwise spent on frequent resurfacing and repairs with regular plaster. It’s a true protection of your investment for many years!

Everything You Can Do With Microplaster

SKIN Microplaster offers a vast selection of pool finishes - you can find your perfect match easily. Available in bespoke earthy tones of beige, blue, green, pink, and more, you can select the color that will best suit your taste and preferences. The microplaster finish can be paired with the clients’ outdoor architectural design and landscaping for a harmonious look. 

Unlike other pool plaster alternatives, Microplaster also allows you to choose the textural finish for fully custom pool finishing. From a slightly textured “peach-fuzz” feel to smooth marble-like touch, you can enhance your swimming experience however you want. 

Long Story Short

A swimming pool is an expensive investment, and it is best to protect it effectively so that you can use it for many years without worrying about frequent resurfacing and leakage repair. Microplaster offers you comprehensive protection against water damage and chemical corrosion, curbing leakages and the growth of mold around the pool’s edges.

Create custom pool finishes and designs that complement your aesthetics and make your pool look expensive. Nobody would be able to tell exactly how cost-effective the products and applications are! SKIN Microplaster’s revolutionary micro-ceramic technology will give you the peace of mind that your massive investment is safeguarded thoroughly. Combine luxury and efficiency for a premium swimming experience.

Invest in the best pool plaster alternatives and give your pool the protection it deserves!

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