Flutter in 2024: Different Strategies and Roadmap to Follow

Flutter in 2024: Different Strategies and Roadmap to Follow
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After the inception of the Flutter framework, the cross-platform development industry has witnessed massive growth. Earlier, developers had to use sub-quality tools, making iterative development challenging and pushing them to stop productivity with quality. But conversely, Flutter became one of the best and most effective alternatives that offer quick results with accuracy and improve productivity. 

The popularity of Flutter is constantly increasing due to its excellent UI development kits to develop various types of apps. Statista reports that Flutter has recently surpassed React Native by 4%. However, here, we will highlight a few strategic plans and roadmaps you must follow for Flutter in 2024.

The Recent Status of Flutter 

The demand for Flutter-based applications is constantly increasing as it offers improved productivity and ease of use. With its advanced tools and features, it has become one of the preferable choices for many developers. As per the statistics, in 2022, there were over 500,000 Flutter apps. Therefore, if you have a project in mind, click here to hire Flutter developers with top-notch quality Flutter applications. 

The team of Flutter announced that Flutter would concentrate more on developing strategic plans with improved clarity and transparency. They are well-prepared to extend the older version in other development areas to make it a portable framework. It will not only emphasize the app development for mobile but also on desktop and web. 

Effective Strategies and Roadmap to Follow in 2024

Here is a list of strategic plans and the details of the roadmap for Flutter that you must follow in 2024.

Experience of the Developer

Flutter is mainly based on the Dart. Hence, developers don't need to work with it as it is voluntary. So, if the programmers wish to work with Flutter, only then can they use it for app development. Below, we have mentioned a few Flutter plans to ensure an improved developer experience.

  • With the help of the 'global selection' of Flutter, developers can opt for any of the 'selection area' widgets.
  • Flutter's trackpad input feature offers smoother and richer control and eliminates misinterpretation in specific areas.
  • With the new DevTool features, developers can easily debug performance issues and identify places Flutter failed. 

Immense Assistance to Several Platforms

Flutter is a relatively new framework that is improving slowly and steadily. So, now it offers premium-quality support for several platforms like the web, desktop (Linux, macOS, and Windows), and mobile. It is because the Flutter team understood the potential growth millions of desktop and web developers could bring. 

Though, it does not imply that they scrapped the mobile growth plans. In reality, they still wish to invest a significant amount in the large mobile developers' base and grow exponentially. 

Features of the Flutter

Flutter has developed advanced and highly effective features that will make them preferable and popular among every type of developer. Additionally, it offers various widgets that help streamline the development process. It makes it straightforward for the developers quickly finish the development process. The best part of these widgets is that they are highly customizable, allowing the users to develop a whole graphical interface. 

It has Firebase crashlytics, which helps the developers to identify crashes and errors in real-time. This feature is a backend service that offers the developers hosted backend services like cloud storage, crash reporting, etc. Flutter also comes up with a web app lifecycle that offers more control and flexibility to the developers. You don't need to write any code while developing a custom mobile app. Furthermore, it offers the Fl_chart package that offers widgets to create customizable bars, lines, radar, and pie charts.

Engine, Language, and Framework Improvements

The different plans of Flutter can improve the fidelity across different platforms and offer Material 3 support. The Flutter team wants to implement cross-text selection widgets to acquire improved fidelity for different platforms, including the web. Furthermore, the Dart will improve and bring innovation as the team decided to introduce massive upgrades, including metaprogramming. 

Flutter has also introduced the swift interop page and Objective-C that assist the developers in learning how to use the Dart packages correctly to call the APIs from those languages. It will also include a few small fixes, like extending the compilation toolchain and improving package import syntaxes. 

Strengthening and Securing Fundamentals 

Apart from doing the above mentioned things, the Flutter team wishes to solidify its security fundamentals. Therefore, it will help the team in different ways and allow them to protect it against vulnerabilities and other security-related issues. Therefore, the team is working hard by putting effort and developing different strategies to establish better infrastructure. 

With the emerging demand for Flutter, it has become crucial for it to offer improved infrastructure. It is necessary for the Flutter plans to offer support for the desktop and web with new and advanced hardware like the Apple M1 chip. Additionally, there are times when other open-source platforms have been compromised. So, as the popularity of Flutter is continuously increasing, it is best to concentrate more on the security standard in 2024. Also check new features in Flutter 3.7 here.

Drops Support for the 32-bits iOS 

Recently, Flutter decided to drop the support for 32-bit iOS in 2024. According to the standard support requirement of Flutter, support for iOS 9.3.6 will move to the 'Best effort' tier. So, it simply implies that the minimum version of iOS at the supported level will be iOS 14, translating to a drop in the support for 32-bit iOS devices. 

The roadmap of Flutter looks exciting and interesting at the same time. But, what needs to be remembered is how well you develop the Flutter apps to execute the strategic roadmap for successful development. The Flutter team has a solid plan to invest significant money in scaling the toolkit to cover all form factors and screen sizes. 

So, if you wish to leverage Flutter's potential for your upcoming app development project, consider working with Flutter Agency. The expert team will assist you in having the best possible and practical solutions you require for app development. With the help of its secure, prominent, and dynamic solution, app development will become simpler. So, feel free to contact the customer care team at your convenience.

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