Expert Contested Divorce Lawyers in Queens: Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Expert Contested Divorce Lawyers in Queens: Protecting Your Rights and Interests
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When facing a contested divorce in Queens, New York, it’s essential to have the guidance and support of a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer. At [Beckerman & Granados PLLC], we understand the emotional and legal complexities involved in contested divorces, and our dedicated team is here to advocate for your rights. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of hiring a contested divorce lawyer in Queens and how our firm can provide you with the expert legal representation you need during this challenging time.

Why Hire a Contested Divorce Lawyer in Queens?

Contested divorces can be highly contentious and emotionally charged, often involving disputes over various issues such as child custody, division of assets, alimony, and child support. Here are some key reasons why hiring a contested divorce lawyer in Queens is crucial:

Knowledge of Queens Family Law: Our contested divorce lawyers are well-versed in the family laws specific to Queens and have a deep understanding of how the local courts handle divorce cases. We stay updated on any changes in legislation to ensure your case is handled with the most accurate and relevant information.

Experience in Handling Complex Cases: Contested divorces can involve intricate legal issues and require strategic planning. With our extensive experience in handling such cases, we possess the necessary skills to navigate the complexities, anticipate potential challenges, and devise effective legal strategies tailored to your specific situation.

Objective Advice and Advocacy: During a contested divorce, emotions can run high, making it difficult to make rational decisions. A skilled lawyer can provide you with objective advice, helping you understand your rights and options. We act as your advocate, protecting your interests and fighting for the most favorable outcome on your behalf.

Efficient Case Management: Contesting a divorce can be a time-consuming process with numerous legal procedures and deadlines. Our contested divorce lawyers have the expertise to efficiently manage your case, ensuring that all necessary documentation is prepared, deadlines are met, and court appearances are properly scheduled.

Negotiation and Litigation Skills: Whether through negotiation or litigation, we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who can engage in constructive dialogue with the opposing party, seeking amicable resolutions. If litigation becomes necessary, we will represent you assertively in court, presenting a strong case on your behalf.


A contested divorce in Queens demands expert legal representation to safeguard your rights and interests. At Beckerman & Granados PLLC, our experienced contested divorce lawyers are dedicated to providing compassionate support and effective advocacy throughout the process. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to helping you navigate this difficult time with the utmost professionalism and care. Contact us today at (718) 374-5642 or visit our website to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing a favorable resolution for your contested divorce case in Queens.

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