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Such a small job, go to the photography department to find someone, he Xiaoran is a little worried, afraid that no one is willing to go, the result is also, she finished the matter, a few people in the room to surf the Internet, play with the camera to play with the camera, no one made a statement, all pretend not to hear. She was so embarrassed that she could only ask again, "Which teacher can go with me?" Chapter 5 The Beginning of a New Life (5) "If you don't go, I'll go." After this question, there was a silence for dozens of seconds. Finally, someone in the corner agreed. He Xiaoran was very happy. When he turned to look, a tall and thin boy stood up and began to tidy up the camera bag on the table. At the same time, he joked, "Beauty doesn't go to work. If you don't go, I'll go." For the first time, she was called a beautiful woman. Although it was a joke, she laughed. The big stone in her heart fell to the ground with a thump. She followed the photographer out of the door of the newspaper office. She quickly asked, "Teacher, what do you call it?" "They are all colleagues, called teachers, my surname is Sui,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, Sui of Sui and Tang Dynasties, not casually, ha." You can call me brother Sui or Xiao Sui. Photographer said, while leading the way in front, thinking and adding, "My name is Sui Mingwei. When I turn back to hand in the manuscript, the name of the photographer should be clearly written, otherwise the editor can't find the picture and has to call you in the middle of the night." "Oh, I have seen your name in the newspaper." He Xiaoran has nothing to do these days. She turns over the newspaper every day. She knows few colleagues in the newspaper office,water bottle packaging machine, but their names are all familiar. This time she quickly said, "Thank you, brother Sui. I have a small job, and I have to work hard for you." "It's not hard, it's all work. In fact, sitting in the newspaper office is also sitting, and it's good to come out and breathe fresh air." Sui Mingwei took He Xiaoran to find the bus stop and told her where the bus went to the city by the way. When the bus came, he rushed to invest money. You haven't made money yet. You can invite me to take a bus when you make money. He Xiaoran had already found two yuan, but he didn't expect Sui Mingwei to be such a gentleman. Naturally, he hurriedly said that she would come to buy a ticket on the return trip. However, Sui Mingwei did not care about it and laughed it off. When he came back, he was still the first to coin. Sui Mingwei is also very talkative. On the way to the interview, he Xiaoran talked about many interesting things about the newspaper office. "At that time, we were on the night shift, and we went to drink when we were free at night." Sui Mingwei said, "Once I drank a little too much with several friends in the editorial department until it was almost dawn, bottle blowing machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, and someone called us and asked us to go to another venue to continue.". It was a shame that day. Several of us staggered out and took a taxi. In fact, we all went to the same place. When we got on the taxi, we called each other and asked each other to keep up with each other. Don't lose it. Speaking of this, he Xiaoran was already happy. I used to be a photo editor, and there are many such lively things in the middle of the night. I'll tell you more about them when I'm free. Sui Mingwei has been working in the newspaper office for nearly four years. After working as a night photo editor for two years, he returned to work as a reporter. In his words, it was because he went out day and night every day and could not find a partner. In order not to be called a big problem, he changed back to a normal life. Don't you have a girlfriend? He Xiaoran thought about it and said, "Oh, there are many beautiful women in my classmates, but unfortunately they are all out of town, otherwise I can introduce one to you." "I'm just playing with you. This girlfriend depends on fate. When fate comes, you will have it. Your female classmates also help me keep an eye on it. Maybe one day they will come here to work." Sui Mingwei said, "On the other hand, why do you come here to find a job? Generally, people from small places like ours should come to big places like yours to find a job?" "My family there is also fierce competition," he Xiaoran think, in fact, the competition is fierce, she may not be able to find a job, in the final analysis, she is nothing more than to avoid Xiao Shangqi, but this, she will not say to anyone in any case, anyone. " Yes, where everyone is willing to go, it is impossible without competition. Sui Mingwei nodded and did not ask much, and the destination of the two men arrived. The interview went smoothly. After seeing the scene, it was clear that Sui Mingwei could go, but he still accompanied He Xiaoran to find the property and the Commission Management Center. The property management center and the commission management center naturally play football with each other, but when reporters come to the door, no one is willing to be exposed because of such a trivial matter, so they promise to coordinate. When the draft was handed in in the evening, He Xiaoran received another call from the owner, saying that someone had come to dredge the water and cleaned up several nearby wells, and the problem was solved satisfactorily. It's good to be a journalist, especially at this time. He Xiaoran was bored in the evening, so he went to change his QQ signature and wrote a short diary, saying that he met a good colleague in the unit. Sui Mingwei is really a good colleague. She has rich experience in interviews. She can take photos and guide her what questions to ask when she goes to interviews. She wanted to invite him to dinner, but he paid for it. Lunch ate a long-lost McDonald's, for a long time did not eat chicken wings, for a long time did not eat ice cream there, although the thought of returning to invite others, he Xiaoran a little distressed, but this meal, she still ate very happy. That day's manuscript was also published smoothly. The teacher took her less and less times, and the director began to send her some small clues. In the photography department, she was only familiar with Sui Mingwei, so every time she asked him to interview her. Sui Mingwei is really good at taking care of people. He always rushes to pay when he gets on the bus. He takes a taxi with He Xiaoran when he is far away and in a hurry. Two people work. At noon, he always invites He Xiaoran to dinner. This makes he Xiaoran feel particularly embarrassed, can only try to stagger the lunch time to find him to interview. It was not until she got familiar with it later that she heard that Sui Mingwei and anyone who went out to interview were like this that she felt more calm. Everyone in the newspaper office also said that Sui Mingwei's family conditions were particularly good. His father was a cadre in the province, and his mother was doing business. In fact, he was not short of money. He came to the newspaper office to pass the time. He was getting his driver's license,liquid bottle filling machine, and his family had already bought him a BMW three-series car. Sure enough, a few days later, Sui Mingwei really drove a BMW to work. Chapter 6 as you wish (1). gzxilinear.com

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