Even if the Demon King stood there motionless

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In less than half an hour, the life value of the famous cave demon king has only left more than 60000, if we go on at this speed, it won't take long for us to knock down the huge thing in front of us and burst out the best thing on his body. When I think that a little monster outside can hit the Dharma God bracelet, my heart can't help but be impulsive, and I really want to rush up immediately. With the staff of the God in his hand, he hacked the famous cave demon is it easier? In fact,Beverage packing machine, the wolf heart did not think that although the role of the warrior is crucial, but this is a superficial phenomenon, in fact, if not Nangong matchless flying around in front of the famous cave demon king, let him upset, and let him release the magic that cost a lot, exacerbated the weakness of the famous cave demon king, even if more than ten soldiers like that go up and slash. Even if the Demon King stood there motionless and let them cut,water filling machine, things would not have changed so dramatically. Time passed like this, and half an hour passed unconsciously in the onslaught of the crowd. The life value of the famous cave demon king at the moment was less than 40,000. Looking at the famous cave demon king who had consumed half of his life value, the heartgong matchless, from the beginning, although he behaved and walked a line of people talking and laughing, but in the deepest part of his heart, what he can't forget is the task his eldest brother gave him, he knows very well in his heart that to complete the task, he must clear the obstacles ahead, PET blow moulding machine ,PET blowing machine, and this obstacle. It's the three of them. Nangong Wushuang released his attack magic, but he began to think about it. He knew that among the three men, the attacks of Walker and Wolf Heart could not be ignored. He had to find a good chance to kill the two men. It was better to kill Walker first, and then Wolf Heart ater, the Demon King of Mingxue will be done by us, but according to my experience, no matter what BOSS, there will always be some return of light before death. After all, we all saw the terrible attack of the famous cave demon king at the beginning, so it's better to be careful. Thinking, I looked back at Xiaojing, subconsciously close to her a little, so that no matter what happens, I have the ability to protect her at the first time, after all, even if the famous cave demon king launched a counterattack,water bottling line, his magic to us is also a certain time difference, even if that time is faster, even if we can not let both of us run away. But it's enough to protect Xiaojing. gzxilinear.com

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