Establishing Communication with the Disabled

Establishing Communication with the Disabled
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If you check the survey, you will find that every 1 out of 5 adults in the world has some form of disability. Disabilities are of different kinds and not all of them shall become a hindrance in your life. In fact, disability is also a part of your life experiences.

People always go wrong in understanding this and start using insensitive words or phrases that becomes disrespectful to the disabled person. It may not be intentional in most cases, but it leads to ill effects on the mental health of the individual in question. 

So, how do we communicate with such mentally disabled people? Here are some tips from our experts of disability services in Sydney

People First language 

It is a language used to communicate with the person using respect. Using this language, we always emphasize on the person first, and not the disability. We use language that suggests the lack of something, and emphasize the need for accessibility, not the disability. Under no circumstance should we use offensive language. 

We must not portray such disabled people as an inspiration based on their disability. They might have achieved success due to the skills they possess and so we should emphasize more about the way they overcome their problems and made a name for themselves. 

We all should learn to use people first language that helps us make friends in all spheres of all. Remember that we get respect only when we are ready to give it away first. 

For more information about our disability services in Sydney, please feel free to connect.

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