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Quite coincidentally, Su Su, who was a former director, just took over the role of writing a script some time ago, which happened to be somewhat similar to the work Song Juan was engaged in. Just thinking about when to get in touch with Song Juan to see if he could "collect the wind" around him, it was Song Juan who contacted her first. After they were confirmed, Su Su, a freelance worker, came to work as a temporary assistant for Song Juan for a year. But the news is that Su Su's editor is not very happy, threatening her through WeChat, if she dares to use this reason to delay the manuscript in the future, she will rush to school B to kill her! Su Su sniffed at this. As a former classmate, she didn't believe that her editor classmates would really go back to school and beat her! The classroom mentioned by Song Juan is on the second floor. Turn left after going up from the stairwell, and the first classroom is there. Just two steps, not to the front door, Su Su through the classroom window, saw sitting on the platform, is looking down at the newspaper Song tired. Song Juan is really a man who is too good-looking. Elegant and free from dust, detached temperament, elegant and dignified. It happened that he was clean and tidy with abstinence. Although he usually looks like a person with a slightly cold temperament and a gentle voice, he makes people move and dare not go beyond it. Su Su wanted to titter at the thought of the dormitory night talk he had participated in. He is very gentle and gentle, but sometimes he will be careless and venomous. Is silently Tucao here, Su Ce want to go forward two steps to the front door to find Song tired to take the office key, but because accidentally aim into the classroom, see something and re-stamp. Eh? The examinee had a separate desk, and the invigilator, besides Song Juan, had another one sitting in the last row. In the case of a small number of people, a slightly larger action can attract the teacher's attention, so there is no possibility of cheating. But Su Su looked at a student not far away, his right hand has been placed in the upper right corner of the desktop,Vending Machine Motor, very frequent silent tapping. It was obviously making some kind of signal with another person not far away. Is cheating at such a high level now?! Su Su was so stunned that he couldn't help blinking. Probably stopped outside the classroom for too long, Song tired inadvertently looked up and saw Su Su standing outside, a slightly confused face. After a slight daze, she looked down her line of sight and immediately found the little movements of the two students. After watching it for a minute or two, he stood up from his chair and was so surprised that the two students who were doing small actions below quickly bowed their heads and did the exercises carefully. This movement also made Su Su focus his attention on Song Tien again. She thought he was getting up and coming out immediately, but she didn't expect Song to stand on the edge of the platform, with his right index finger bent and his face lightly clasped on the desktop. Long, short, short and long, although Su Su did not understand what Song Tired meant, it was obvious that the two students understood. Shaking his head and burying it even lower, he dared not even look at the cool and handsome Song Bodao on the platform. And others are also somewhat inexplicable. Su Su looked a little funny outside, and her eyes were more smart and beautiful when she bent. Only then did Song Tie stop, raise his eyes and look at Su Su standing outside the classroom. After seeing her smile, he and his colleagues behind the classroom raised their chins slightly and went out after a simple greeting. Teasing the cat again? "Hey, gear reduction motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, hey." Su Su smiled and changed the subject, "Teacher, I didn't expect you to invigilate the exam." In her impression, Song Juan has always been too busy to touch the ground. Bo Yi took the team out. Song Juan's simple explanation. Su Su suddenly nodded. Song Juan and Bo Yi are both the youngest doctoral tutors, and they are jokingly called "dimension reduction strike duo" by school B. " That The key? Su Su stretched out his hand and said to Song. Eyes slightly drooping, after staying in her white palm for a while, Song Tired raised his eyes, "There are still a few minutes to finish the invigilation, wait all the way." "Oh, yes." Anyway, it's okay to wait for a while. Su Su nodded, watched Song Tie re-enter the classroom, walked a few steps to the side, a little farther away from the classroom, back against the corridor corridor to take out his mobile phone, to see how many messages the new video has. Now, in addition to taking scripts, she also works part-time to produce small videos. She is an old woman with a six-figure following. As for writing a novel, she was influenced by her former college classmates. Originally, her dream was to be a full-time writer, but she did not expect to become an editor after graduation, while Su Su was influenced by her to become a part-time writer under her. However, whether it is writing online articles or making videos, in addition to interest, Su Su's initial starting point is only for his own work, a kind of learning and training. It was not until my sophomore year that I decided to become a freelance worker. It was a mistake. A few minutes passed in a twinkling of an eye, and soon the bell rang. Su Su, leaning against the wall, stood up straight, put his cell phone back in his coat pocket, walked to the front door of the classroom, and stood by the door waiting for Song Tiao. Collecting the examination paper is of course done by another teacher, but at this time Song Tien still has to keep an eye on it a little bit. See almost after Song Tiancai lightly opened his mouth, "there is time to learn Moore password cheating, it is better to recite a few more questions." After saying that, when the examinee was surprised and was thinking about "which classmate came up with such a novel cheating method", Song Juan nodded to another teacher and took the lead in leaving the classroom, looking sideways at Su Su, "Let's go." "Oh." Su Su tried to resist the impulse to see the expressions on the faces of the two cheating students, nodded obediently and quickly followed Song Tie. After walking for a while, Su Su was curious to ask Song Juan, "Teacher, why didn't you catch those two students just now?" "There's nothing to catch." Song Tired opened his mouth, paused and added, "Anyway, there is no right question after knocking for a long time." “……???” Su Su listened, confused. After following Song Tired for a few steps, he endured and asked, "Teacher, what did they knock on?" Tired of listening,small geared motors, Song took a look at the curious Su Su and opened his mouth. Many. But to sum up, there is only one central point. "What is it?" Su has a strong thirst for knowledge. I don't know, I don't know.. And don't know. “???!” Chapter 2 2019 0227. ichgearmotor.com

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