Embracing Decentralization: A Revolutionary Web3 Platform for Crypto Asset Management

Embracing Decentralization: A Revolutionary Web3 Platform for Crypto Asset Management
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Centralized solutions in crypto are causing more and more FUD due to legal issues, market limits and poor financial management.

You know about these examples if you follow the industry news:

- Mass blocking of accounts

- Luna, FTX and SVB scam

- Implementation of forced KYC

Centralized solutions are being replaced by completely decentralized ones: wallets, exchanges, DeFi protocols, bridges, and so on.

Now they become even more secure and convenient thanks to Web3 solutions, as they allow you to log in without a login and password.

Now that users can use one or more wallets to perform actions across different protocols, products and services, the question is how they can track their assets and investments.

Blockchain explorers, wallets, protocols and other solutions do not provide the necessary information or provide it in a raw form, where the user has to use additional solutions to get the full picture.

The Key is creating a platform where users can easily analyze, monetize and confirm their activity in products and services based on Web3 and blockchain.

The Key Benefits

Analytics. Track your assets, DeFi positions, actions, achievements and get insights based on your statistics.

Monetization. People will be able to receive rewards, NFTs, tokens and ratings for being active in Web3 products and services. To do this, you will need to complete simple quests directly on our platform

Web3 profile. It's like a social media account, but for the Web3 market. Achievements, statistics, awards, NFTs, interests and contributions of each user will be displayed there.

Platform Advantages And Components

Convenience. Intuitive interface and all-on-one platform

Adaptability. Browser application that works without downloading

Cross-platform. The platform supports the most popular EVM-based blockchain networks

Safety. Web3 authorization method provides easy access to functionality and complete data security

The product is the generation of values, in the form of functionality, solutions and services.

Economy — providing resources for the operation of the entire platform and its development.

Community — participation in the use, improvement, management and distribution of the product and values.

Marketing — promotion, attracting attention and stimulating users.

The token is a binder that is used in all platform components.

The market strategy implies several parallel tasks:

  1. Community Building
  2. Product Launch
  3. Marketing & Promotion

Community Building

We form a community of people, consisting of crypto-enthusiasts, traders, investors, profile specialists and just people who share the values of Web3. With a community focus, we will build, develop and scale our platform.

Join The Key community on Telegram.

Platform launch

We are creating a platform in several stages. At each stage, we will involve our community in order to receive feedback, criticism and suggestions.

The demo will include all aspects of the platform, but only for preview.

Alpha is a stripped-down, basic functionality that will work.

Beta has all functionality, but not fully optimized.

Full is a full version that is fully tested, improved and optimized.

Marketing and promotion

Our main strategy is an integrated approach that involves covering the widest possible channels.

Community communications:

  • Social networks (Twitter / Medium)
  • Media platforms (YouTube / TikTok)
  • Forums (Reddit and others)

PR and promotion:

  • Media posting (Bloomberg, Yahoo, Forbes)
  • Bloggers/influencers' reviews
  • Partnerships with other companies


  • SMM
  • CPA / Affiliate marketing
  • Telegram marketing

Stay tuned for the Web3 revolution!

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